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Benefits of Chainwire Fencing

When it comes to setting up fencing around your home or your business, knowing the different types of fences available in the market is important. There are different types of fences for every function. Barbed wire fence, for instance, is for high level security, while ornamental fences have both aesthetic appeal and security functions. Meanwhile, chainwire fence remains the most versatile type of fencing, and in this article, we explain how and why.

Benefits of Chainwire Fencing - Chainwire Fencing

Chainwire fences are a favourite type of fence among homeowners and business owners. The main benefit of using this type of fence is that its ability to enclose areas and secure private premises at a more affordable rate than other fencing options. Below is a list of specific advantages of using chainwire fencing.

  • Flexibility and durability of service and installations

Some homeowners use chainwire fencing for containing pets in the backyard. Some use it for safety and security against trespassers, while some business owners use chainwire fences for enclosing their manufacturing plants. The reason why many opt for chainwire is that it can be easily installed by many fence service providers.

  • Less maintenance expenses

Compared to walls that fade over time, chainwire fences do not need regular maintenance and repairs. Because chainwire fences are made from durable material, they rarely get damaged or suffer wear or tear. A little paint every couple of years is all  you need to get your chainwire fence back to its original condition.

  • Temporary use or long-term enclosure

Chainwire fences are installed using steel posts that can be easily pulled out from the ground and wire fencing that can be rolled up. Because of this, it’s easy to set up chainwire fences to different locations; this lets the property owner maximise chainwire fences beyond their initial purpose.

If you’re eyeing a more permanent fence, then a chainwire fence would still be a good option since it is made from galvanised steel which can hold up for many years. Chainwire material is less prone to rotting and insect infestations compared to other residential fencing materials such as wood.

  • Plenty of design optionsBenefits of Chainwire Fencing - Chainwire Fencing

Many homeowners think that chainwire fences are dull and boring, but this is not the case. Chainwire fences can now be easily customised according to your preferences. You can change the colours, fence height and style; you can even choose the thickness of your wire to add depth to your fencing. There are also options of covering your chainwires with black or green vinyl for an increased aesthetic appeal.

  • Cost effective

Compared to other enclosing options such as borders or walls, chainwire fences are the most affordable. If you have the materials, you can even install it at home on your own. However, we strongly recommend hiring professional fencing service companies to help ensure that your chainwire fencing will function perfectly throughout the years. Contact your Fencing Specialists for more enquiries.


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