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Benefits of Chainwire Fencing to the Animal Population

Chainwire fencing is  a popular way of separating a piece of land or property. Aside from the usual benefits of fencing like keeping intruders out, keeping the property safe, and lining out a property, fences can also benefit local animal populations. This is especially true for Australia, as we have a lot of open spaces and local wildlife.

Australia is  well-known for its unique and interesting  wildlife. As such, we need to protect it from human activities that could potentially harm them. People come into contact with these animals quite a lot, and that’s not always what’s best for the animals.. Chainwire fencing, which is being used more and more in recent years, luckily has many benefits on local animal populations.

5 benefits of chainwire fencing to the animal population

Everyone should at  take steps to protect local wildlife, even if they’re not too interested in nature. Chainwire fencing is an excellent way of doing this, so here are 5 benefits of chainwire fencing on local animal populations.

Benefits of Chainwire Fencing to the Animal Population - Chainwire Fencing

1. Chainwire fences separate domestic animals from wild ones.

This benefit goes both ways. If you have domesticated animals like dogs, cats, sheep, or cows in your property, then having a chainwire fence can keep your animals out of contact with the animals outside. Wild animals and domestic animals run the risk of harming each other if they come into contact, and having a chainwire fence prevents this. It also prevents them from potentially passing diseases to each other, and some of these diseases can prove to be disastrous.

Benefits of Chainwire Fencing to the Animal Population - Chainwire Fencing

2. Chainwire fences allow some of the smallest animals, seeds, and pollinators to move through.

Since smaller animals can pass through, this still allows for connectivity between your property and any natural areas outside. Small animals like insects and birds are beneficial to many of the places they go to, and these are little critters that you definitely want visiting your property every now and then. Insects like bees and butterflies are also pollinators and can keep the gardens, flowers, and plants inside your property alive and blooming.

Benefits of Chainwire Fencing to the Animal Population - Chainwire Fencing

3. The transparency that chainwire fences provide has a lot of benefits.

Unlike solid walls and other types of fencing, chainwire fences allow you to see through to the other side. Chainwire fencing can let you see if there is anything amiss outside your property, which allows you to act before the situation gets worse. This type of fencing also benefits the natural areas and wildlife outside your fence, as any potential disasters like fires can be dealt with immediately as they will be noticed.

Benefits of Chainwire Fencing to the Animal Population - Chainwire Fencing

4. Chainwire fences restrict animal access to your property.

Some types of property are dangerous to local wildlife. These include factories, industrial sites, and others. Having chainwire fences  around these types of property can make sure that no animals get hurt because they unknowingly wander into a dangerous area.

Benefits of Chainwire Fencing to the Animal Population - Chainwire Fencing

5. Chainwire fences keep the animals away from people.

Wild animals should be kept like that –  wild. Wild animals that regularly contact humans can develop certain diseases, behaviours, and other conditions that can be negative for their health. Having chainwire fences can keep animals away from people to make sure that they’re left alone, which is for their own good.

Are you considering having a chainwire fence built around your property?

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