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Common fence installation mistakes

As we’ve mentioned a few times on this blog, designing a fence and putting it up is no easy task. There are quite a few mistakes that we come across while fixing the mistakes of amateur builds. With this post, allow us to share a few of these common installation mistakes with you and let you know how we can help you avoid them to get a fence that serves you well for years to come.

Mistake #1 – Not confirming property lines


Far too often, we come across amateur fence jobs in which the contractor clearly did not stress the importance of confirming the client’s property lines before beginning work on the property. In some cases, fences were illegally resting on the property of a neighbour or, even worse, public property. In the case of the latter especially, the fence must be removed at the cost of the property owner, something you definitely would never want to have dropped on your shoulders because your fencing contractor forgot (or simply chose not to) confirm your property lines using the proper procedure.

Mistake #4 – Digging into wires or pipes on the property


As with the last point, this issue can be avoided by simply having your property surveyed beforehand, something that can be arranged by any fencing contractor worth a grain of salt. Not only does running into wires and pipes cause a great deal of frustration in the early stages of the job, it also presents very real health and safety risks should you strike a cable carrying significant electric charge.

A survey of your property will give you a solid idea of where underground wires and pipes are located on your property, thereby allowing you to avoid such costly damage and injury.

Mistake #3 – Improperly inserted posts


A fence’s posts give it structure and stability. As such, it is incredibly important to ensure that your fence’s posts are securely inserted into the ground using concrete for reinforcement where deemed necessary by a qualified and experienced fencing specialist.

One issue that commonly arises when it comes to improperly installed fences is post holes that are not deep enough. An experienced fencing specialist knows just how deep to install a fence’s posts based on many factors such as the type of ground; generally speaking, this depth is no less than 2 feet.


These are just three of the common issues and mistakes we run into while repairing fences that were installed improperly. With our expert fence design, installation and repair services, we hope to help you avoid such mistakes and make your next fencing job an easy, hassle-free project.

Give us a call with any questions you may have related to your specific job and we’ll gladly let you know how we can help!


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