Fence spring cleaning tips

While winter may not hit us as harshly here in sunny Australia as it does elsewhere, the official start of spring is certainly not a bad time to perform a few maintenance tasks on your fence and ensure it’s in prime working order. With this blog post, let’s dive into a few of those tasks and get that fence in tip top condition for a summer filled with fun and relaxation.

Tip #1 – Remove dead leaves from the fence


It’s likely that dead leaves may have gotten stuck in your fence throughout the fall and winter seasons. Spring is a great time to check the cracks and crevices of your fence for this debris and clear it. Among other benefits, this will allow any gates you may have on your fence to operate smoothly.

Tip #2 – Wash your fence


Once you’ve removed the larger pieces of debris from your fence, it’s a good idea to give the entire thing a quick wash down with a hose or, if you’d really like things to be clean, a wet cloth. This will remove smaller debris such as dead insects.

A couple things to note – if your chainwire fence has wooden posts, be careful when washing it with a pressure washer if the posts are not sealed as this could damage the wood. When using a pressure washer, we recommend using it on a lower setting, even for metal fences as this could protect the layer of paint on the fence.

Tip #3 – Check the fence’s structural integrity


It’s especially important to do a quick checkup on your fence’s structural integrity if it acts as a sporting enclosure and even more so if you rely on it for security on your property. If you’ve got gates, do a quick check to ensure that the hinges are in working order and also ensure that posts and various screws have not become worryingly loose. It’d certainly put a damper on your summer celebrations if you had to worry about your fence’s stability while trying to enjoy yourself. Avoid this by doing some simple checks for things like tightness.

Tip #4 – Replace worn out/rusted components


An inevitable part of owning a fence is dealing with parts that become worn out and need replacing. We’ve all seen rusted chainwire fences that clearly were not taken care of and we’ve all probably turned our noses up slightly at the sight. Avoid this eyesore on your property by replacing any rusted bolts and repainting parts where paint has gotten worn down and left the bare metal exposed to harsh conditions and rust.

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