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Why Modern Schools Still Need Fencing

There’s an interesting trend in today’s modern schoolyards. Alongside the playground and modern facilities are large perimeter fences that some might say make the schools look like fortresses.

Thousands of schools across Australia, however, have been working closely with state governments and fencing contractors in the installation of school fences. This is part of the risk management and investment plans that all school administrators must have.

Increased security issues

Schools need fences primarily for security. Even modern schools that have security alarms, patrols, locking devices, and surveillance cameras still need the fence structure erected to improve the school environment.

Depending on the location of the school, things like vandalism, theft, intrusion, kidnapping, and other crimes, or even a random incident like a wandering kangaroo, could pose a threat to the students and school workers. A report from the Education Department revealed that schools with properly designed, installed, and maintained fences lessened their incidence of trespassing (88 per cent), vandalism (71 per cent), arson (50 per cent), and breaking and entering (50 per cent).

School fences also address concerns about students and visitors coming and going from the school. If there are fences, then there are only a few entry points to be controlled and monitored. That makes it easier for the security personnel to keep track of the crowd of people coming in and going out of the premises during busy school days. It’s also more efficient to secure the perimeter during emergency situations, as well as protect young children from running towards traffic, if the school is located next to a busy street.

Why Modern Schools Still Need Fencing - Fencing

When installing fencing, remember that good design matters

A school fence, however, is only effective if it’s of good quality. Here are the characteristics of a fence with a good design:

  • The fence’s material is durable, resistant to graffiti, and hard to cut, damage, or break.
  • The fence doesn’t have features or structures that are easy to climb.
  • The fence has proper access and entrances/exits.
  • The fence’s layout has ample visual surveillance lines and no dead spots that will make it easy for someone to hide.
  • The fence is aesthetically pleasing and fits into its surroundings.

Additionally, properly designed fences draw school pride from the student body and boost the morale of the school workers. Just like in homes and buildings, good school fences also add to the real estate value of the school property.

Fences make a good first impression too, especially if the school wants to entice more parents or students to consider enrolling in the institution.

Important fencing aspects

Part of a good design is in its proper planning and thus, school administrators have to carefully discuss what the requirements and options are with a professional fence installer. A school fence needs to fulfil at least four important aspects:

  • It should be a barrier to protect the school from the outside.
  • It should create a safe space inside for the students, teachers, and school workers.
  • It should have a properly monitored entryway for student and visitor traffic.
  • It should still keep the school safe and secure even when it’s not term time.

Because school fences are an investment, they should be made to last and serve their purpose well. Some installers might offer low-priced products that seem to make sense economically. However, these are likely low-quality fences that will not deliver the expected results, costing the school more in the long run as it will need to be constantly repaired, maintained, and then completely replaced in a couple of years.

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