Pros and Cons of Automating your Security Gates

Pros and Cons of Automating your Security Gates - Fencing Specialists

With technology being highly developed and applied to a lot of new objects every day, it’s no wonder that even security gates are now automated. Automatic security gates open and close without the assistance of a person. Usually this is done through a small access control system where the homeowner or authorised visitors type in a security code that will allow them entry. When it comes to protecting your home or your business, you only want the best. It’s all about security, privacy and of course, the aesthetic appeal.  Automated security gates promises all these plus convenience, but of course, it will come at a price.

Is it really worth the extra dollars? We have come up with pros and cons of automatic security gates to help you decide if it is the right gate option for you.

Advantages of automatic security gates

In gated communities, automatic security gates provide an additional sense of security for homeowners. You don’t have to worry about your kids when they are playing around in the area because you know that not everyone can enter the premises. And that they cannot leave.

The second advantage is that it gives your gated community a higher class status in the eyes of outsiders. Automatic security gates are pricier, thus you will gain the admiration of many outsiders.

The third advantage of having automated security gates is that you will always know who enters and exits your premises. You will never be surprised again by unannounced visitors.

Pros and Cons of Automating your Security Gates - Security Gates,automating security gates

Disadvantages of automatic security gates

Now that you know the pros of having an automatic security gates, here are the cons. First, your automatic security gate relies heavily on electrical power. This means that when you lose power, your gate also loses power. You are going to have to plan to have backup generator in case the electricity’s out.

The second disadvantage is the price. Automatic security gates come in different options, some come with a keypad that unlocks with a code, some come with an intercom system while some even come with a video camera. All of these options are great but this also means that all of these are more expensive compared to the usual and conventional type of gates.

The third disadvantage is that automatic security gates require a professional for installation and regular maintenance. However, many companies now offer more affordable options when it comes to automatic security gates.

The fourth disadvantage is the inconvenience it brings to your visitors. Although automatic security gates provide homeowners with maximum convenience, your visitors will always have to call you in order to enter your home. This feature may be a disadvantage to your visitors but it is also an added security measure against burglars.


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