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Summer Maintenance for Your Fence

Summer is the perfect time to check on your fencing but your Fencing Specialist can serve you any time of the year.

Fences are essential in Australia, even more so than they are in other countries. The big, open spaces lend a sense of freedom, but there are things that we want to keep in and things that we want to keep out. Fences are also useful in maintaining a property border to prevent any disputes. With all their uses, fences should at least be adequately taken care of and maintained once in a while to make sure that they continue to function properly.

Fence maintenance doesn’t need to be costly. Knowing what to do will ensure that your fence keeps working without too many costs on your end. A great time to take all the maintenance steps is during the summer, as the conditions are excellent for doing repairs.

Summer Maintenance for Your Fence - Fence

5 summer maintenance tips for your fence

If you’re looking for summer maintenance tips for your fence, then we have some of them. Keep your fencing in great shape with these five summer maintenance tips.

1. It’s the best time to apply chemical treatments

Summers in NSW tend to be hot, with some scattered rain showers and cyclones. It’s the perfect time to apply chemical treatments if you have a wooden fence. Chemical treatments can help protect your fence against water and insect damage.

Applying environmentally friendly chemical treatments during the summer is perfect. This season lends enough heat to let the chemicals settle into the wood and protects it from water damage

2. Sealants set well under hot conditions

Does your fence have any holes, chips, or physical damage? You can use sealants to cover these up, and sealants tend to set well when exposed to heat. However, preventing a sealant from drying up will prove to be problematic in the future. Make sure that you protect the sealant as it dries if a random rain shower comes along. Summer is still a great time to apply that sealant while the rains aren’t as bad.

Summer Maintenance for Your Fence - Fence

3. Summer’s the perfect time to paint that fence

Fence paint inevitably gets stripped off for one reason or another. If you want to keep your fence looking pristine even as it ages, then you may want to apply a fresh coat of paint every year.

Aside from the obvious fact that paint won’t dry well during the rainy season, it’s a nice little activity to do outside on a warm day.

4. Clearing out rust is easier on a dry day

If your fence is metallic, then you may notice corrosion as your fence ages. Corrosion and rust are due to metals being exposed to oxygen and water. Using methods to remove rust is easier if done in summer conditions. It will prevent further damage to your fence once the cyclones or the showers resume.

If you want to prevent your fence from rusting out further, then applying a new coat of paint should be done. As we mentioned earlier, painting is easier on a warm day, so do this in the summer.

Summer Maintenance for Your Fence - Fence

5. Do some regular cleaning

This one admittedly is not related to the summer season and is something that should be done all year round. If your fence is made of metal, then cleaning it with soap and water should be done every few months.

If the fence is made of wood, then wiping it clean every now and then should do the job. Take not that wooden fences and water don’t mix quite well, so try to minimise the amount of wetting that it gets exposed to.

Summer Maintenance for Your Fence - Fence

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