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When is it time to switch to chainwire fencing?

Is it your style to scrimp on replacing something that’s failing, but still functioning? While a popular saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix if it”. But this does not – and should not –apply if your security is compromised.

Where do you check first, you ask? Check your fence.

It is easy to convince yourself that any fence can protect you, your family, employees, and assets at any given time. Sadly, though, not all fences are able to guard your precious belongings.

Have you considered the make of your fence and how effective it is in guarding your prized possessions? Are the costs to maintain it breaking the bank? Fortunately, chainwire fences are widely available in Newcastle. They are strong and durable barriers suitable for all kinds of security requirements.

To know if it’s time to switch to chainwire fencing, you might want to consider doing the following steps:

Know your requirements.

Do you own a farm with playful animals? Animals, especially dogs, are quite fond of biting at fences and these little balls of fur will break out of your property if they can. If you own a barn or a ranch that houses livestock, it will be really convenient for you to install high chainwire fence barriers. Through these barriers, you may easily see and deter wild animals preying on them. You will also be warned of human intruders who are looking to steal your source of income and other assets from your property.

Sports centres with outdoor courts for tennis, golf, baseball, orrugby will also benefit from the security given by chainwire fences. Compared to wooden fences that may easily break at impact, steel-woven barriers are sturdy enough not to budge from where they are located. The barriers will also stop the ball from landing on someone else’s property or body part outside the perimeter, causing damage or injury.

Consider the general security of your neighbourhood.

Have you been hearing about more robberies and thefts in your neighbourhood? The rise in crime rate in Newcastle may urge you to secure your property even more. Chainwire fence barriers are an effective burglar deterrent. Homeowners will be able to easily see suspicious individuals lurking around your area, scanning for possible victims. You may opt to have barbed wires atop the barriers to discourage looters from breaking in. Another option is to have a security camera installed on your chainwire fence barrier for your peace of mind.

What is the state of your existing fence?

If you currently have a mouldy wooden fence, and you are after the overall security chainwire fence barriers give, then it’s time to make that big switch! Most property owners are concerned about how much a chainwire fence barrier costs, and the maintenance it needs in the long run versus other options.

However, making sure your belongings stay inside your property need not be costly. Fortunately, it is much cheaper to maintain a chainwire fence than a wooden one.

For one, it’s because you have to preserve the quality of the wood by updating it with a fresh coat of paint once in a while. Wood is also more prone to scratches and staining, which requires more maintenance on your part. As with vinyl barriers, wooden panels break rather easily, forcing you to shell more money to repair or replace one or all panels. On the other hand, chainwire fence barriers are easy to maintain, can be customised easily, and will last a long time, rain or shine!

Are you now convinced to make that big barrier switch? Contact your friendly fencing experts in Newcastle. Call us at Fencing Specialists today.


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