Types of Businesses That Could Benefit from Electronic Access Gating

Types of Businesses That Could Benefit from Electronic Access Gating

Electronic access gates can provide for your commercial security needs.

In Australia, businesses are four times more likely to be robbed and broken into than residential properties. It’s not surprising why this is the case. Business buildings are often unoccupied for specific windows of time due to the staffs’ working hours. During those times, all the valuable assets of a business (equipment, confidential documents, etc.) become vulnerable to attacks if not protected properly.

Apart from having guards patrol business properties, other ways to improve the security of businesses in Australia is through existing security products and technologies. Electronic access gating is one of the most in-demand security systems nowadays—promising effective crime deterrence while making it easier for business to manage who goes in and out of their properties. Learn more about electronic access gating and what businesses could benefit from this as you read along.

What is electronic access gating?

What is electronic access gating?

Electronic access gating is a smart and convenient way to properly secure your property. Regardless if you’re going to place it in front or at the back of your property, it would deter malicious parties from breaking into your building.

Electronic access gating’s most important features are its electronic controls and passcode-activated system. This type of gate does not just serve as an imposing physical barrier between your property and its surrounding areas. It also becomes a tool that filters who may come in and out of your property.

How does it work?

In this type of system, gates are electronically-locked connected to an access control server that may be controlled via a wireless connection or a hardwired system. To open the gate, the controller should have the proper credentials required for access, like a keycard, a password, or any type of pin code. Once the code has been punched in, an electronic signal will be sent to the electronic gate to trigger the unlocking.

Benefits of using electronic access gating

Benefits of using electronic access gating

As an Australian business owner, there are various reasons why you should look into electronic access gating. Here are some of the most important facts on why this type of gate is ideal for your business:

  • It serves as a physical deterrent for criminals.

One of the main features of electronic access gating is its imposing presence. These gates are often tall, made from heavy-duty materials that aren’t easily damaged by normal attacks.

Thieves would second-guess entering a property with daunting gates, especially if they have to plan a quick entry and exit plan for their heist. Its presence alone serves as a good defence strategy against individuals with malicious intent.

  • You can lessen your need for patrols.

Another benefit of having electronic access gating is not having to hire numerous staff to patrol around your commercial property. Instead, you can employ selected individuals who know how to operate and control your gates. They’ll be able to easily monitor who comes in and out of your property, and they’ll be able to control the gates easily from their station without having to walk to and from the property entrance.

  • Your team can have more control over your security.

Electronic access gating allows you to control your gates remotely, which is hugely advantageous especially if you have limited manpower. You can be more efficient and productive with the help of the control provided by electronic access gating.

  • It injects value into your commercial property.

Electronic access gates are made to look grand and imposing. This kind of presence in your property doesn’t just impact security, but also affects the value of your property. You’ll find your property having better curb appeal. Plus, it also shows your customers, employees, and investors that you are willing to invest in something that protects their assets and livelihood.

What Australian businesses can benefit from the use of electronic access gating?

Anyone can benefit from having electronic access gating—from residential properties to commercial establishments. However, there are selected Australian establishments that can really gain a lot with using these special electronic gates. Here are some of the top businesses that could use electronic access gating technology:



Warehouses hold an overwhelming amount of assets, and these can be prone to robberies when not secured properly. If you are in charge of running a warehouse for a retail company or a product-centred company, then creating an electronic access gating technology would be helpful. You will be able to have a more secure gate, and your team will be able to limit control access to those who have proper credentials only.

Retail Companies

Retail Companies

Retail companies hold assets that can be worth millions of dollars. These are extremely attractive targets to thieves, so having a basic gate manually manned by limited security guards wouldn’t make the cut. With the help of an electronic access gating technology, you will be able to properly lock the property and handle controls easily in a remote setting.



Another type of business which thieves usually target are banks. These commercial properties literally hold millions of monetary reserves that when left unsecured, can cost a bank not just monetary losses, but also decreased patronage from its clients.

Security should be one of the top features of a bank. As such, a more secure gating technology like electronic access gating will really help banks cover a lot of ground in terms of safety and security. Having this type of gate will not just protect assets, but will also let clients know that banks value their money and their properties.

Install electronic access gating to your Australian commercial property now

If you own or manage any Australian commercial property, you should know that security is always a topic that will never leave the discussion table. While there are many security measures and equipment you can use and adapt to increase the level of security in your commercial property, there are special technologies like electronic access gating that really takes security a step further.

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