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Finding the Best Material for Game Court Fencing

When you want to put up a tennis court for more fun games with family and friends, you need to go for the most effective, secure and safe fencing solution. Surely, you do not want a gaming court with fences that bend when the ball hits them. Merely asking a game court fencing specialist is…

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What Is The Right Height For Your Chainwire Fence?

Choosing the right height for your chainwire fence is important to guarantee your safety. More and more Australians are feeling unsafe in their own homes. In fact, in the 2014-2015 report of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, an estimated 242,500 Australian households had experienced at least one break-in. With real problems such as property theft,…

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cricket oval fence

Fence etiquette

Having a fence built on your property can certainly be exciting – so much so that it’s sometimes easy to forget that you are not the only person who will be affected by the fence. With this post, we’d like to use our expertise in working on various fencing job sites to provide you with…

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Octagonal Red Stop Sign at Road Junction

Planning ahead

So you’ve decided to install a chainwire fence on your property. Nice. What’s next? Are you going to grab your shovel, start digging some holes and call the first contractor you can find to fill in the gaps? Here at Chainwire Fencing Specialist, we have a great deal of experience in designing and constructing fences…

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