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Summer Maintenance for Your Fence - Fencing Specialists

Summer Maintenance for Your Fence

Summer is the perfect time to check on your fencing but your Fencing Specialist can serve you any time of the year. Fences are essential in Australia, even more so than they are in other countries. The big, open spaces lend a sense of freedom, but there are things that we want to keep in…

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Why Chainwire Fencing Works Well in Parking Lots - Fencing Specialists

Why Chainwire Fencing Works Well in Parking Lots

Do you have a parking lot or a parking space in New South Wales? Is it an open parking lot? Does it need added security? Does it need a divider within? A chainwire fence is one of the go-to fencing options in Australia. Chainwire fencing is a popular choice because it is practical, durable, and…

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Are Your Vines Good for Your Fence - Fencing Specialists

Are Your Vines Good for Your Fence?

Chain link mesh fences are cost-effective and easy to install but they can be pretty dull and plain looking. The easiest way to add a touch of colour to your fence is by growing a vibrant vine. Creepers and climbers not only soften the look of your metal barriers with natural foliage but also protect…

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Fence etiquette

Having a fence built on your property can certainly be exciting – so much so that it’s sometimes easy to forget that you are not the only person who will be affected by the fence. With this post, we’d like to use our expertise in working on various fencing job sites to provide you with…

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why use weldmesh - Fencing Specialists

Why Use a Weldmesh?

The type of fencing you install determines the quality of security that you can expect. A simple fence may not be enough. Weldmesh, or welded mesh panel fencing, is a top of the line security option that gives you the confidence you need. What is weldmesh? Welded wire mesh is a form of prefabricated grid…

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Animal fencing safety tips

From keeping pets contained and safe to keeping pests out, our fencing solutions can be an extremely effective method of enclosing commercial and residential properties. But our fences can be made even more secure by employing a few neat tricks that’ll help you better predict and control animal entry and exit on your property. Keeping…

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Terminal Posts What are they - Fencing Specialists

Terminal Posts: What are they?

Fences aren’t built on wire mesh alone. Wire mesh needs to be anchored to solid ground, and the foundation of a good chainwire fence is a strong corner. Terminal posts, such as gate posts and fence corners, are essential to the design and build of a fence. They provide structure, as well has hold the…

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Fencing Options for Commercial and Industrial Use

Putting up a fence is one of the wisest investments you can make for your home or business. A fence is not just for keeping the dogs out; it’s a multipurpose installation that can be used both for privacy and for aesthetic reasons. Whether you are a homeowner looking for a sturdy security fence or…

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