Game court fencing

Looking for an effective, secure and safe game court fencing solution for your tennis court? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Chainwire Fencing Specialist, we’ve been providing our clients with high quality sport enclosure game court fencing for years.

Read on to learn more about our high quality game court fencing and how you can get us working on a sport fencing solution for you.

The best materials

Our fences are built using the highest quality materials available. From the metal components themselves to the quality PVC coatings Chainwire Fencing Specialists use, you can be sure that any fence put together by us will last you for years of tough use.

Chainwire Fencing Specialists understand that this is extremely important for our clients seeking sporting enclosures from us. We strive to build fences that leave our clients little worry, allowing them and their guests to enjoy themselves without having to think too much about the care and well-being of their fence.

From mesh barriers to full, up-to-code sport cages, you can be sure that your sport fencing from Chainwire Fencing Specialist will both compliment your property aesthetically and serve you practically for years to come.


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We’ve got experience in building fences for just about every application imaginable. Here are a few of the features we commonly put to use on clients’ properties to ensure their total satisfaction:

  • Electronic access gating
  • Alarmed gating
  • Barbed wire
  • Gates
  • PVC coating (black or green)
  • A variety of diamond sizes and styles

All of these features are designed with your satisfaction and fulfillment in mind. Our staff are more than experienced in providing top-notch sport fencing that meet the specific needs of each client.

Long-term maintenance

Chainwire Fencing Specialists don’t stop working for you, even after the last post is in and the last diamonds are welded. Rather, we strive to provide full service and maintenance for all of our clients. If you’d like help maintaining your fence or ever run into the odd issue, our specialists will be glad to pop by and ensure that your sporting activities can resume as quickly as possible.

Chainwire Fencing Specialists work to make and keep you happy!