School Security Fencing

Ensure your educational facility is as safe and secure as possible with high quality fencing solutions from Chainwire Fencing Specialist. Read on to learn more about our feature-packed school security fencing services for schools and daycares.

The best materials and workmanship

To ensure that our clients are consistently made happy by our work, we make use of only the highest quality materials and workmanship around. From our PVC coatings to the very materials and diamond construction techniques, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with our work.

Chainwire Fencing Specialists don’t take likely the responsibility entrusted to us regarding school security fencing and so we make an extra effort to provide the most secure and safe school security fencing imaginable for all of our schoolyard work.

Our fences are built strictly to code, using the proper safety techniques right from day one of the build process. We make sure our clients are kept safe during each and every stage of the build, from the site prep right down to the job’s completion.

Chainwire Fencing Specialists take extra care in this regard when performing work for educational facilities, as we understand the increased safety risks and precautions that must be taken to counter those risks.

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Here are a few of the features and fence types Chainwire Fencing Specialists commonly put to use on clients’ properties to ensure the effectiveness of their fencing:

  • Electronic access gating
  • Alarmed gating
  • Barbed wire
  • Gates
  • PVC coating (black or green)
  • A variety of diamond sizes and styles
  • Sport enclosure fencing
  • Security perimeter fencing
  • Indoor storage cages

Our fencing specialists are equipped and experienced to assess each clients’ needs and recommend any of the above features as they may be required. Just speak to one of our associates to find out the answers to any of the questions you might have regarding the above features.

Long-term maintenance

Educators are always maintaining their qualifications and skills. Chainwire Fencing Specialists do the same for our clients’ fences. Long after the initial job is done, we’re glad to assist you with all your fence repair and upgrading needs.

Chainwire Fencing Specialists work to make and keep you satisfied with your property enclosure!