Ten Reasons to Choose Barbed Wire

10 Reasons to Choose Barbed Wire

Barbed wire for your rural fencing and residential fencing needs.

A fencing system serves as a boundary to protect you from intruders, burglars and unsuspecting stray animals. There are different types of fences you can try, depending on the level of security you need. Some are plain; some are quite stylish. The barbed wire is one of the most common materials used in fences.

How Barbed Wires are Made

A barbed wire or fence wire normally consists of 2 longitudinal wires twisted together to form a cable. Wire barbs coil around either one or two of the cables at regular intervals. There are several varieties of barbed wire. The cables can be single, double, round, flat, or half-round.

A twisted double cable gives additional strength. It allows contraction and expansion without breaking. The barbs are cut diagonally to make the points sharper. They may comprise of 1 or 2 pieces and are spaced at intervals of 4 to 5 inches. 

Consider Installing Barbed Wires for Your Property

Everyone wants to keep their property safe to the best of their abilities. Here are the top reasons to install barbed-wire fence.

It provides strong protection.

1. It provides strong protection.

The barbed wire is a popular choice for making any area secure. By its looks alone, it already appears intimidating and can drive away potential intruders. Anyone attempting to climb over the fence will suffer once they come into contact with the sharp barbs. Moving against the wire can cause skin injuries, extending to the underlying tissue.

It was also configured in such a way that it is almost impossible to cut without special tools. Any animal or person that attempts to break through the fence will get injured. The presence of barbed wire will definitely deter anyone from trespassing. It will also keep animals secure in their area.

It is easily accessible.

2. It is easily accessible.

Barbed wire material is easily available and your expert fencing specialist would be happy to find you the right supplier that offers high quality materials.

It is highly versatile.

3. It is highly versatile.

A barbed wire fence has different uses. Different sectors like commercial, agriculture, residential, industrial, sports, transportation, and leisure use it. You can place it anywhere you want to prevent animals or people from going in.

4. It is cost-effective.

This material is perfect for those working on a tight budget. The costs involved in barbed wire fencing is cheaper compared to other types such as wood or stone. Plus, it’s easy to install and maintain, which gives more value for your money. Barbed wire can also be moved, re-used, and recycled.

No need to worry even if the wire is made from iron and steel, both of which are susceptible to rust. Fencing Specialist can install barbed wire that is galvanised with molten zinc to protect it against weathering agents. You can also add protection by applying primer and paint.

It can be customised.

5. It can be customised.

Barbed wire manufacturers do their best to produce strong and durable materials. Specification requirements may vary since various barbed wire fences protect several types of properties.

High technology machines make it possible to customise specifications based on the job requirements. You can request to adjust parameters like length of the edges, wire diameter, height, and size of the edges.

6. It is quick to install.

A barbed wire fence is ideal for those who are following a strict project timeline. Installation will not take weeks. We only need to put up fence posts, and then we simply stretch the wire over the posts and secure them in place.

It is more aesthetically pleasing as compared to other types of fence.

7. It is more aesthetically pleasing as compared to other types of fence.

From a decorative perspective, barbed wire has a great decorative effect. It gives people a feeling of security since it is made from iron. It helps provide a classical atmosphere. It also has a living feeling – a great combination of life, art, and colour.

8. It gives you a better view of your property.

Barbed wire fences provide you a better view since sunlight can easily filter through it. Compared to a wood, vinyl, or aluminium fence, barbed wire fencing does not block your view.

It adds value to your property.

9. It adds value to your property.

A barbed wire fence adds value to your property. A high quality barbed wire fence surrounding the area increases the value since most home buyers love this addition.

10. It is useful for area demarcation.

Do you need something to separate your property from another property or a public space? Using barbed wire fence is highly recommended. The barbed wire will make it harder for someone to remove or relocate the fence. They will need to seek the help of authorities to dispute the demarcation.

This type of fence is also ideal for use in large farms. Placing the barbed wires in strategic spots can keep the farm animals inside. You can also create a border to prevent the livestock from destroying the agricultural field. You need to protect your crops from anything that can eat them.

A word of caution about barbed wires.

Barbed wires contain sharp edges. Your clothes might get snagged by the edges, and you might also have children or pets in your property that can get accidentally injured. Before choosing to install barbed wires, you need to weigh the risks carefully and speak with a fencing specialist in Newcastle to discuss your options.

Install a High-Quality Barbed Wire Fence with Chainwire Fencing Specialist

Install a High-Quality Barbed Wire Fence with Chainwire Fencing Specialist

A barbed wire fence will be a great addition to your property. However, this project should not be done by amateurs. You need a professional to successfully install a barbed wire fence. This will ensure that the fence will not break or crack after some time. It will also spare you from expensive maintenance costs. 

Our team in Chainwire Fencing Specialist can meet your needs. We have a workshop in NSW that you can pay a visit to. Call us to schedule an appointment or walk in today to get a free estimate on your next fencing job.


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