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Basketball, Netball and Hockey Court Fencing Services

Keep the game contained with effective basketball, netball and hockey court fencing services and solutions from Chainwire Fencing Specialists. Built using materials of the highest quality and durability, our fencing is made to withstand hours of activity and abuse.

Fencing Services - fencing services

Tennis Court Fencing

Discover effective tennis court fencing solutions from Chainwire Fencing Specialists, designed to keep the game under control. Durable yet simple, our tennis fences are built to last and look great for years.

Fencing Services - fencing services

Cricket Net Construction

Durable, effective cricket fencing solutions from Chainwire Fencing Specialists ensure that players don’t have to give a second thought to the durability of the environment around them.

Fencing Services - fencing services

Sporting Fields

Built to last for seasons upon seasons, Chainwire Fencing Specialists provides top notch sporting field containment. Our fences give a sense of durability and solidarity, providing players and spectators alike unmatched service.

Fencing Services - fencing services

Animal Enclosures

Ensure that your animals are kept safe and contained with durable, effective and spacious fencing solutions for your animals. Built using a variety of methods for each specific type of animal, our fences are guaranteed to provide quality service for years to come.

Fencing Services - fencing services

Internal Fencing Partitions

Whether you need indoor animal stalls or crowd containment fencing, here at Chainwire Fencing Specialists, we’ve got internal fencing partitions to serve your needs. We build our fences to the highest possible industrial standards.

Interal Fencing Partitions 1
Internal Fencing Partitions 2

Internal Fencing Lockable Areas

Built to provide just as much a sense of aesthetic pleasure as they do security, our internal fencing lockable areas are perfect for sealing off portions of a facility. Compatible with most types of locks, these fences provide as much security as you’d like.

Internal Fencing Lockable Areas 1
Internal Fencing Areas Lockable 2

Security Storage Cages

Whether you’re protecting residents’ belongings in an apartment complex or securing thousands of dollars of equipment in a photography shop, our security storage cages provide fantastic  security coupled with professional aesthetics and durability.

Fencing Services - fencing services

Temporary Builders Fencing

Here at Chainwire Fencing Specialists, our team values safety every bit as much as you do on the job site. If you’re a construction company, our fences will provide effective and secure enclosure, protecting civilians and workers from all types of danger.

Fencing Services - fencing services

Steep Slopes and Uneven Ground Fencing

Being held responsible for an injury on your property due to a fall is no fun. That’s why we provide fencing solutions for steep slopes and uneven ground. A true marvel of engineering, our sloped fences provide just as much structural integrity and security as those on a flat surface.

Fencing Services - fencing services

Corporate Office Security Fencing

Here at Chainwire Fencing Specialists, we understand that security is forefront on the list of concerns for all corporations. That’s why we provide effective fencing solutions for all of our corporate clients. Our fences give a sense of security and attractiveness, with a variety of types and finish options.

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Bollards provide both aesthetic appeal and security to a property; they are also an effective means of controlling traffic. Here at Chainwire Fencing Specialists, we create fantastic bollards using the same level of workmanship and service that we pour into our fences.


Fence Repairs

It’s inevitable – your fence will need to be repaired at some point. Not to worry; with expert fencing repair services from Chainwire Fencing Specialists, your fence will be ready for use again in no time.

Fencing Services - fencing services

Golf Course Screens

Protect yourself from liability due to stray golf balls by making use of the effective golf course screen solutions from Chainwire Fencing Specialists. Custom made for your facility’s size and needs, our golf course screens shine with both a professional look and long-lasting quality.

Fencing Services - fencing services

Rural Fencing

Providing a combination of security and animal containment, our rural fencing solutions are versatile. Made to suit your specific needs (animal type, etc.), our fences will provide you with long lasting service.

Rural Fencing

Cycleway Fencing

Cycleway fencing provides bikers with assurance of safety as they maneuver a dangerous stretch of land and the land-owner assurance that no injuries will occur. Crafted to last using only the highest quality materials and workmanship, cycleway fencing from Chainwire Fencing Specialists will serve you well.

Fencing Services - fencing services

School Security Fencing

Here at Chainwire Fencing Specialists, the community is high up on our list of values. That’s why we’re thrilled to be able to offer effective fencing solutions for educational institutions.

Fencing Services - fencing services

Go Kart Track Fencing

Keep the fun and craziness contained with secure, effective go kart track fencing from Chainwire Fencing Specialists. Made to suit the aesthetics of your go kart track, our fencing will serve you for years to come.

Go Kart Race Track Fencing

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