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Are Temporary Fences a Waste of Time and Money?

A temporary fence on a home or building might seem like a waste of time and money if a permanent fence will be erected on the property later on. However, a temporary fence is a requirement on all building sites, whether a private or public property, stipulated in the Australian Standards.

If you’re constructing a home, a building, or a swimming pool, you need a temporary fence, but your temporary fence need not break the bank. There are many options for acquiring temporary fencing that will ensure your property is compliant to the standards and save you money at the same time.

What are your options for temporary fencing?

Fortunately, there are many suppliers in Australia who can meet your need for an affordable, reliable temporary fencing structure. If you get several quotes from suppliers, you can effectively narrow down your choices and find the best type of temporary fence that fits your budget and purpose.

Some of the affordable options you can look into include:

  • Polypropylene plastic fencing
  • Wire panels steel fencing
  • Chain link steel fencing

You might even consider adding a shade cloth or tamper-proof fence clamps for both privacy and security. When you speak to a professional, ask for other options and recommendations as they might have something new and different to offer.

Buying vs. hiring

Another option that might help cut down the cost of a temporary fence is to hire instead of buy a structure that will eventually have to be disposed and dismantled. Hiring temporary fencing will incur an ongoing but minimal monthly cost for as long as it is erected. However, the money you spend could be more cost-effective and time-efficient because you won’t have to consider:

  • Exceeding the quantity

If you hire, you will only pay for the panels that you need and can simply add or reduce the quantity as you see fit. You don’t usually get this option when buying temporary fences, since you’re likely to pay for up front and can end up being short on panels or having extra panels that will go unused.

  • Maintenance and replacement

If temporary fences are destroyed or damaged, their repair and replacement is carried out by your hired service. Maintenance is part of the monthly fee you’re paying for.

  • Storage and disposal cost

Once the temporary fences are removed, if you own it you have to rent a storage space for it or pay for its removal. You don’t have to worry about provisions or expenses like this when hiring temporary fences.

  • Time element

Temporary fence installers can be quick if you’ve hired professionals; you’ll have the fences up in no time. You not only save money, but you also save precious time. The time element is also crucial when you need to dismantle the fences.

Are Temporary Fences a Waste of Time and Money? - Temporary Fence

Why do you need temporary fences?

Apart from the fact that it’s the law and some insurance companies in Australia also require temporary fences, setting them up is the most inexpensive way to ensure security around your property.

  • They prevent trespassers, both humans and animals, from coming onto your site whenever there are no construction workers present, especially during the night.
  • It will help keep kids from playing inside your property, where they might have an accident and you could be liable if you haven’t fenced the perimeter.
  • There could be dangerous objects around your property, such as reinforced bars, exposed nails, and other sharp objects that could hurt trespassers.
  • There could be hazardous materials or waste on your property and the fence will keep them contained.

The benefits to having temporary fences in your construction site far outweigh the costs. Hence, it’s never a waste of time and money. Need assistance? Our fencing specialist team will help with all your fencing requirements.


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