Why Does the Diamond Size of Your Chain Wire Mesh Matter

Why Does the Diamond Size of Your Chain Wire Mesh Matter?

Chain wire is an excellent choice when choosing a material to fence your property. It is versatile, creative, and attractive without putting much dent in your budget. Doing your research when thinking of using a chain link fence system can go a long way.

Chain link fences come in a variety of types, colours, and sizes. Doing your homework will make sure you get the most value for your money and the right type of fence for your property’s needs.

Wire mesh is commonly used for fencing, shelving, room dividers, and even plumbing. With its many uses, it is not surprising that this inexpensive solution to protecting your property is very popular. If you are thinking of using a chain wire mesh to secure your property, the diamond size will make a huge difference in the level of security that the chain wire mesh can offer.

Types of chain wire mesh

Before we discuss the importance of the wire mesh size, let us first give you the types of wire mesh.

1. Woven wire mesh

Why Does the Diamond Size of Your Chain Wire Mesh Matter? - chain wire mesh

Often called ‘wire cloth’, this type of wire mesh has really small openings. This is one of the most popular types because it can be used in a lot of installations. However, the woven wire mesh is excellent for doors, windows, and in enclosing the porch or the patio. It is often used to keep the bugs out.

2. Welded wire mesh

Why Does the Diamond Size of Your Chain Wire Mesh Matter? - chain wire mesh

As the name suggests, the wires in this mesh are welded together and this type is meant for more heavy-duty jobs. Welded wire mesh is popular in commercial and industrial settings. They are used to create barriers or to keep a place secured from unwanted visitors. At private properties, it is commonly used for fencing.

3. Knit wire

Why Does the Diamond Size of Your Chain Wire Mesh Matter? - chain wire mesh

Who doesn’t recognise chicken wire? Though originally used as a cost-efficient barrier for livestock, knit, or chicken, wire has evolved through the years. Knit wires are now being used as an inexpensive chain link fencing system.

Measuring the mesh

Mesh size is the distance between the parallel wires in the mesh. This means the mesh size is how large the diamond is from one side to the other. Measuring the mesh will give you how much steel there is in the product. The smaller the diamond, the more steel there is.

The most common wire mesh gauges correspond to inch measurements. For example, a wire mesh with a small number 6 gauge is .192 inches. The large 12 ½ gauge is .099 inches. This indicates that small and numerous diamonds mean stronger fabric.

Chain wire mesh with smaller diamonds like 1 3/4-inch ones are most commonly used for tennis courts. Those with 1 1/4-inch sizes are used for pools and the heavy-duty 5/8-inch, 1/2-inch, and 3/8-inch sizes are considered the high security mini meshes. The diamond size of your chain wire mesh matters because it will tell you how much security it offers.

The varied sizes of wire mesh make it perfect for many jobs within your household and for commercial purposes. You don’t need to spend too much in providing your property with a security barrier. Apart from easy installation, chain wire mesh is also an easy solution to both large and small pest problems. Depending on the diamond size that you choose, you can make sure that you have a durable, speedy, and inexpensive solution.

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