Eco-Friendly Newcastle Fencing Options

Eco-Friendly Newcastle Fencing Options

A number of sustainable fencing solutions

People are always looking for ways to be more friendly towards the environment. As a result, manufacturing trends are leaning towards using sustainable materials and processes, which will not damage or cause little adverse effect to planet Earth.

Even the housing industry is inclusive, introducing eco-friendly materials such as timber, mud brick, and natural stones. Green and self-sufficient structures are also on the rise, making households less reliant on the energy supplied by the grid. A self-sufficient home can help reduce the carbon footprint of the household.

Many people are starting to realise that the opportunities to help conserve the Earth’s resources are pretty much endless. Every little thing that they do can help – from being mindful consumers to reusing what they have at home. One way to make the home greener and more sustainable is by using eco-friendly fencing materials.

Benefits for eco-friendly fencing

Benefits for eco-friendly fencing

Fencing is generally the property’s protection from the outside world. It protects the property from trespassers and unwanted visitors, stray animals, and people with malicious intentions. It likewise protects the property from onlookers and unwanted attention. For residential properties, fences also keep children and pets safe and from wandering off on their own.

Many conscious residential and commercial property owners now choose to install fencing made from eco-friendly materials, and for good reason. Here are some of the benefits of having an eco-friendly fencing installation among many others.

  • It has a unique design and finish.

Eco-friendly and natural fencing has character. It offers a unique finish that blends well with the lawn and the backyard garden. It also tends to look more stylish compared to the standard fences usually seen in homes and properties.

  • It is durable.

Natural and eco-friendly fencing solutions are durable and can last for years. Property owners do not need to worry about chipping and cracking. High-quality eco-fencing options are made from high-grade, recycled materials that will not easily be damaged.

  • It is easy to install.

Eco-friendly fencing options, especially those that are made from wood, are easy to install. Replacing damaged panels is also an easy process.

  • It is cheaper.

Eco-friendly fencing typically requires minimum maintenance, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run.

The best eco-friendly fencing options

The best eco-friendly fencing options

Of course, the best fencing option will still depend on the owner’s taste, preference, and requirement. It will also depend on the property’s location and its overall aesthetics.

Here are some of the most popular eco-friendly fencing choices that property owners can choose from.

  • Bamboo fencing

Who does not love a tropical getaway? Installing bamboo fencing in the backyard can give homeowners a feel of Bali and other tropical destinations. In addition, it allows property owners to have their own tropical paradise right at their home.

One of the most significant advantages of bamboo fencing is that it is cheaper compared to other fencing alternatives. It is also one of the best green options there is. It only takes three years for bamboos to grow completely. On the other hand, a cedar tree needs at least 50 years to be able to grow and be harvested for use. Using bamboo as a fencing material, therefore, has a minimal effect on the environment.

Bamboo fencing is also durable and can last for 20 years. Aside from being green and sustainable, bamboo fencing also lends a calming yet beautiful look to the property.

  • Reclaimed and recycled wood

Using reclaimed and recycled wood materials for fencing gives the property a rustic appeal and a shabby charm. Reclaimed wood fencing makes use of wood salvaged from old homes and other structures. One does not need to look out for soon to be demolished properties to score reclaimed wood. There are local stores and suppliers that sell reclaimed and recycled Australian timbers and other lumber.

Of course, reclaimed wood will look its age, but this gives the fence its unique and attractive character. Reclaimed and recycled timber, for instance, is also more seasoned and more stable than its younger counterparts.

Reclaimed wood, however, will need some maintenance, as it can rot or splinter over time.

  • Composite fencing

Composite fencing is made from recycled wood and plastic. Depending on the supplier, some composite fencing is made of up to 96% recycled materials! As such, they provide homeowners not just a green and eco-friendly solution but also a low-maintenance option.

Composite fencing comes in a sleek, wooden appearance that makes it a perfect option for homes. This type of fencing is lightweight and durable, and it can last for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, however, there is no way to recycle these composite fencing at the moment.

  • Living fence

A living fence is made up of dense shrubs or hedge. This is probably the most eco-friendly fencing option there is. Living fences are commonly used as privacy fences. They protect the activities in the property from unwanted eyes and attention.

These fences can make any home look and feel cooler. They also provide a natural habitat for birds and insects. A living fence, however, does not offer the same security and safety that other types of fencing offer. It also requires watering and trimming so that it can maintain its form and beauty. It also cannot keep pest contained within the property.

  • Stone fencing

Locally sourced stones make beautiful and eco-friendly fencing. Stone fencing is also durable and sturdy, giving property owners the security and privacy that they need. Note, however, that building a fence with salvaged and recycled stones can be difficult and will require the expertise of an experienced contractor. Nonetheless, a stone fence is durable and long-lasting. It also requires very little maintenance over the years.

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