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Fencing Options for Commercial and Industrial Use

Putting up a fence is one of the wisest investments you can make for your home or business. A fence is not just for keeping the dogs out; it’s a multipurpose installation that can be used both for privacy and for aesthetic reasons. Whether you are a homeowner looking for a sturdy security fence or a business owner, there are lots of fencing options for commercial and industrial use available for you. Your Fencing Specialists list them down here for your review.

Automatic security gates and operators

If you have the financial means then why not invest in an automatic security gate? They add an extra layer of security and comfort to you and your employees. The best part is that they require an operator who is responsible on keeping an eye on anyone that enters your business’ gate.

Barbed wire fencing

You are probably already familiar with a barbed wire being attached to commercial fences in order to prevent anyone from climbing over the fences. Barbed wire can be easily attached to almost any type of fence and can provide a high level of security to your business. The only downside is that barbed wire tends to have a menacing element to it that could be a cause of discomfort for your clients.

Barrier fencing

If you are looking for a more solid fence where you won’t be visible from the outside, then it is best to install a barrier fence. A barrier fence will keep you, your employees, and your clients safe. Many types of barrier fence are available in the market, such as criminal activity barriers, noise absorption, climate control, and privacy.

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Chainwire fencing

If what you are planning is to put up a fence that will provide your business with protection while still allowing your property to be visible, then it’s best to install a chainwire fence. Chainwire fences are quire reliable when it comes to performing fencing duties, especially for security and aesthetic purposes. Chainwire fences are usually set up for commercial properties like campgrounds, sports centres, manufacturing plants, and other large-scale properties.

Ornamental fencing

If you want to add security to your business without compromising your façade’s aesthetic appeal, then we suggest that you get an ornamental fence. Under ornamental fencing, there are three types:

(1) Welded Steel fence (black non-galvanised steel welded together),

(2) Assembled Component Fence Systems (galvanised steel components with powder-coat finish), and

(3) Aluminium Ornamental Fence Systems (special aluminium alloy components).

Wrought iron fencing

The good thing about wrought iron fences is that they are perfect for security and aesthetics. Wrought iron fences are known to be durable and water-resistant; cleaning also won’t be an issue. Wrought iron fences are perfect for enclosing schools, recreational facilities, parks, swimming pools, bell arches or even just an ornately detailed gate. The only downside is that most wrought iron fences are high maintenance and they need to be custom-made.


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