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Guidelines for Sports Facility Fencing

A sports facility needs to be enclosed by an effective fencing system for several reasons. For one, it will make the sports facility more secured against intruders having unauthorised access to its facilities and equipment. Another reason is that it will prevent hazards, and not cause any trouble to road users and pedestrians. However, more than anything else, the boundary that the fencing system provides is an important factor to avoid interruptions during games and events, and to ensure the smooth flow of the activities.

Since each type of sport follows different guidelines, including the area of game play, fencing requirements also vary. Before you develop a specification that will be suitable to your sports facility, here are some factors that you might want to consider:

Be clear with your purpose of putting up a fence and know the required type of fence depending on the purpose.

If your purpose is just to create a boundary for your sports ground, low-level mesh fencing system can do the trick. But, if you need more than just a basic demarcation of the space, you’ll need something more. If you would like to prevent stray balls from going outside the premises of the playing field and causing injury or accident on an adjacent road, then the most appropriate thing to do is to increase the height of the fences and enclosed the area by putting a net or roof at the top of the fence. Meanwhile, if your sports facility is also a business, or requires high maintenance, then you must limit the access only to those authorised to use the facility.

Fences can also be extended down into the ground to avoid any problem caused by digging or burrowing animals. For every application and purpose, it is still important to seek out sturdiness, durability, security, and utility in your sports facility fence.

Select the best sports facility fencing and features that must go with it.

Since the sports facility will be utilised for a long period, the materials used to construct the fence must be of top quality. Thus, there is a need to galvanise the posts and panels to guarantee that they will be effectively protected against corrosion. At the same time, a polyester powder coating should be applied as a finishing.

To make the fence system more durable, and to lessen the need of re-tensioning, a welded wire mesh can be employed in enclosing the sports facility. The facility’s gate must provide effective security and should open outwards. As stated earlier, the fence’s height will depend on its purpose.

Make sure that proper authorities approved your plans of installing fences.

It’s best to personally consult and get the right permissions from your local planning authorities so that construction requirements, standards, specifications, and other aspects that need approval from the government will be taken care of. Talk to your local council so you don’t accidentally breach a by-law and end up having to pay more to put it right. It can pay to contact your trusted fencing specialist during this period as they can advise you on the process.

Choose professional fencing specialist to help you do the job.

Once you have assessed the objectives of enclosing a sports facility with an effective fencing system, it is time to move to the installation process. This is a job for specialist fencing professionals. Poor installation of the fences will only result in more jobs needing to be done in the long run, including major and minor repairs. You can only be guaranteed that your fencing system will perform at its best if you used the services of professional fencing specialists. Use only those who are highly competent to carry out the tasks and install the fences perfectly.

Contact a fencing specialist to take care of it for you

With Fencing Specialist’s years of experience and outstanding record in the fencing industry, we got all your fencing needs covered! Call us at your earliest convenience and speak with our staff about your plans regarding your sports facility. We will be more than happy to help you install the perfect fencing system based on your needs.


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