Hide your Chainwire Fence for a More Beautiful Environment (1)

Hide your Chainwire Fence for a More Beautiful Environment

Chainwire fences are versatile and easy to install on your property. Whether you need a fence around your property, to divide sections of the playground, as a safety fence around your swimming pool, or to keep your pets in your yard, a chainwire fence is an ideal and cost-effective solution.

However, sometimes chainwire fences might not work with the aesthetics of your property. Fear not! There are options to beautify your chainwire fence and make it a feature with our breaking the bank.

How to Decorate your Chainwire Fence – Know it Here

Here are some beautiful ways you can adorn your chainwire fence for a more beautiful environment:

Get creative with a paint brush

Painting is always a quick and easy option. With a wide variety of colour options, painting a chainwire fence is a simple solution to transform a dull fence into a master piece. Painting is also a very cost-effective way to beautify your fence. Dark shades like black, brown and dark greens will make your fence less noticeable, blending in to the garden environment. However, if excitement is what you are after, opt for bring shades of blues, greens, red, yellow and orange.

Before you begin your painting project, make sure that the fence is clean and free from any rust. If there is any rust present on your fence, remove it and apply a primer that is designed to inhibit the rusting of metals. You should apply the primer before you begin painting. Additionally, you should clean up the area around your fence before you begin to paint. Mow the lawn and cut back any plants that may get in the way of painting your chainwire fence.

When you are ready to begin painting, place a protective tarp beneath your fence to prevent any paint from dripping on the ground below. The best kind of paint to use on a chainwire fence is a high-quality, exterior enamel paint, applied with a roller. You may also need a brush to get into tight spots where the roller struggles to fit. Spray painting is also an option for painting your chainwire fence as it gives a great finish. However, controlling the overspray may prove to be more difficult than getting out your roller and paint brush.

Cover Up with Rolled Wood Fencing

Hide your Chainwire Fence for a More Beautiful Environment - chainwire fence

If total privacy is what you need, rolled wood fencing is an ideal option that also gives a very natural feel to the environment. This type of fence is available in a variety of materials, which include: stick, reed, cane bamboo, fern, twig and dwarf pine. Rolled wood fencing is constructed from pieces of wood that are held together by galvanised wire and are available in a variety of sizes to fit any height of chainwire fence. It is also extremely easy to attach to an existing chainwire fence.

Add Fence Slats for Some Colourful Fun

Hide your Chainwire Fence for a More Beautiful Environment - chainwire fence

Chainwire fences are ideal for many purposes, especially around the swimming pool where you can keep an eye on your children and pets through the fence. However, they do not provide much privacy when fencing in your property.

If you are looking for a way to make your chainwire fence a little more private but beautiful too, try adding some fence slats. These slats come in a variety of colours to suit your taste, and they are easy to install. Fence slats can be made from aluminium, polyethylene or wood. They can be easily slotted into your fence diagonally, vertically or horizontally to entirely transform the environment.

There are a wide variety of fence slats available on the market, so be sure to check all the details before purchasing fence slats. Confirm the height of your fence as well as the chain mesh size and gauge of the wire used. There are also different locking types- top, bottom or self-locking slats.

These different locking types also have different levels of privacy and wind load. Be sure to determine all the factors you require for your fence before going to shop for your new fence slats.

Go Natural with Beautiful Vines

Hide your Chainwire Fence for a More Beautiful Environment - chainwire fence

Nothing is more natural and environmentally-friendly than plants themselves. So why not make your chainwire fence more attractive with a range of annual or perennial vines.

With annual vines, you need to bear in mind that they will not cover your chainwire fence all year round. So opt for these types of vines if you are planning on replacing your fence or waiting for other plants to grow in their place. Some great annual vine options include the Black-Eyed Susan, Cardinal Climber, Cup-and-Saucer vine, Cypress vine, Hyacinth Bean vine and Morning Glories.

If you are looking for more of a long-term vine solutions rather opt for perennials that will flourish all year round, although they may take a little longer to grow fully to cover your fence. Some great perennial vines include Boston or English Ivy, Clematis, Dutchman’s Pipe, Five Leaf Akebia, Passionflowers, Trumpet Creepers and Virginia Creepers.

Do take caution when planting woody vines as they can pull apart the wire of your chainwire fence if they are planted to close together. Thus, with vines like the wisteria, climbing hydrangea and the trumpet creeper, plant them with a sturdy lattice made from wood or metal in front of the fence and stick to only one variety.

Chainwire fences are a great way to enclose your garden or keep children and pets safe from the swimming pool, but sometimes they can be an eye-sore. Brighten up your property with these great ideas for covering and beautifying your chainwire fence.


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