How Security Fencing can Keep Students Safe

How Security Fencing can Keep Students Safe

School security and safety is a highly sensitive topic. Whether you are an educator or a parent, protecting children from intruders and any form of danger should always be a priority. It is essential to regulate who can enter the school facilities and how they go about doing so.

We suggest the installation of fences around the school property. Fences can be beneficial if they are built with high quality and maintained regularly.

8 Ways Security Fencing Keep Students Safe and Secure

Are you wondering if installing a security fence in schools is a good investment? Listed below are some of the ways how security fencing can help you protect students.

Building a security fence establishes a sense of territoriality

1. Building a security fence establishes a sense of territoriality.

Hanover Research released a paper in 2013 about the pros and cons of school fencing. They also assessed its value with the principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED).

CPTED aims to foster a climate of safety by making an environment that positively influences human behaviour. A security fence helps create a sense of territoriality, wherein ownership is enforced by clearly defining tangible perimeters.

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) observed that property line markers such as fences establish ownership of the school grounds. As a result, people treat the school property with more respect.

2. A security fence makes surveillance of the school grounds easier.

The 2013 paper of Hanover Research also mentioned that fences maximise natural surveillance. Those in charge can easily monitor the school grounds and control the flow of individuals that enter and exit the school.

It’s important to note that fences need to be installed strategically such that they do not obstruct any line of sight. Visibility can also increase by replacing solid walls by wrought iron fences.

Effective surveillance is essential for tracking students, especially those that are in the higher grades. They usually have the urge to skip classes, wander away and leave the school grounds without the consent of their teachers.

3. A security fence controls access of people to different parts of the school.

Installing a security fence is a great way to designate areas that can be accessible to the public or not. A fence can block off exclusive zones where people can enter only if they have a legitimate reason.

An area with security fencing normally only has one to two entry and exit points. School guards can easily monitor how students go in and out as compared to having an open area. For instance, the school can have an entrance that leads to the administration building so that the personnel can screen those who enter.

A security fence helps in keeping out vandals.

4. A security fence helps in keeping out vandals.

Open areas seem to entice people who are on the lookout for something to destroy or vandalise. A security fence surrounding the school will make it harder for vandals to do their deed. In most cases, they need a quick getaway. Climbing a high fence will discourage them from carrying out their evil act.

A security fence gives more privacy

5. A security fence gives more privacy.

You may have experienced opening the window of your home and notice someone watching you. This can also happen in schools where people with bad intentions can prey on students. Placing a solid barrier such as a security fence can prevent people like sexual predators from seeing and stalking a student.

6. A security fence limits the type of people that the students can interact with.

The public can easily access the school grounds without a fence. Because of this, they can use the school as a shortcut to wander around. While Australia is known to have kind and helpful people, there are still rotten apples with bad intentions. A security fence decreases the chances of a student from encountering one.

One of the worst things we can prevent from happening is child abduction. Parents are not always around to protect their kids. Therefore, it’s up to the schools to create a safe and secure environment for them.

Young students can be coerced to go with a stranger. He can just say he is there to pick them up and give them a ride home. A security fence can keep intruders outside, especially if made out of high-quality materials that cannot be easily cut or damaged.

A security fence is more durable as compared to other fencing systems.

7. A security fence is more durable as compared to other fencing systems.

Security fencing proves to be a better choice for schools. It is much more durable as compared to ordinary fencing systems. It is usually manufactured from steel and galvanised iron when installed. With this type of materials, people will not find it easy to break in or force their way into the premises.

8. A security fence can also protect the students against the natural elements.

A fence also serves as a barrier against bad weather. A strong wind, hail or rain may cause severe damage to school property and harm the students. It will still depend on where and how the fence is positioned. Either way, a security fence is still an excellent additional layer of protection for the school.

Keep students safe with Chainwire Fencing Specialist.

You may think that installing a security fence is just an added expense to the school with no added benefits. Although there are many security tools available in the market, a durable fence is a tried and tested way to keep students safe.

Take note: you also need to choose carefully the type of fence to be used. A poorly chosen fence can decrease or cancel out any intended security benefits.

As a top-notch fencing specialist in NSW, we understand the importance of keeping a safe learning environment for students as much as you do. Our team of fence fabricators and installers will help you install fences so that kids can go to their classes without any worries. We use superb materials and guarantee excellent workmanship. Call us today at 0425 201 252 and let’s discuss how we can help you out.


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