Installing Security Storage Cages in Your Apartment Complex

Installing Security Storage Cages in Your Apartment Complex

Apartment complex security cages offer a wide range of storage benefits for everyone involved. This article discusses these benefits and how to make the most out of these storage cages.

Where are security storage cages usually installed in an apartment complex?

Apartment complex security cages are usually installed and used in the following areas:

  • Common areas: Common areas sometimes have storage cages installed for use as temporary storage by all tenants.
  • Apartment exterior: There are outdoor cages specially built to withstand the weather. Apartment buildings with limited indoor space typically have these.
  • Dedicated storage cage floor: This is the most common, which is a series of floors housing all the complex’s storage cages.
Advantages of installing security storage cages in an apartment complex

Advantages of installing security storage cages in an apartment complex

Many benefits come from the installation of apartment complex security cages. Here are some of the most notable advantages of storage cages:

1. Extra storage space for tenants

The biggest advantage of storage cages in apartment complexes is the extra space they provide for tenants. Anything tenants cannot fit into their rooms can go into the storage space, keeping their apartments clutter-free.

Also, it’s not just the apartments themselves that benefit from this. There are some cases where tenants dump their items in common areas. This is especially notable in space-limited complexes that have no storage. Installing storage cages can prevent this from occurring.

2. Security storage cages are an attractive apartment feature.

Don’t underestimate the draw that extra storage can have on tenants. Potential leasers may see security storage cages as a deciding factor in whether to rent an apartment or not.

Think of it this way: a potential tenant choosing from two similar apartments at the same price range. One apartment complex has extra storage while the other one doesn’t. It’s natural to assume that the apartment complex with the extra storage has a slight advantage.

3. The storage saves tenants money.

Private companies that allow people to rent dedicated storage spaces in secure facilities exist. However, these are quite costly, especially if renters are looking to store items in the long term.

Having security storage cages in an apartment complex reduces the need for tenants to rent external storage spaces. This can save them a pretty good amount of money. What’s more, having the storage cage nearby makes things convenient for them.

4. They allow landlords to charge extra.

In some cases, storage cages in apartment complexes aren’t part of the lease. This allows apartment complex administrators to charge extra for storage, leading to more income for the landlord. Landlords only need to ensure that these deals are not unfair to the tenants.

5. Temporary storage

Some apartment complex storage cages are free for all tenants to use. These are excellent temporary storage spaces where items can go in the short term.

Just make sure to remind tenants not to store any valuables in common areas as these are more prone to theft.

6. Space to store apartment-owned equipment

Security storage cages don’t just benefit the tenants. Apartment complex administration can also utilise these spaces for their use. Items like admin-owned cleaning materials, gardening equipment, and landscaping equipment can go to these dedicated storage spaces.

7. Increased apartment value

Extra storage space adds value as it is an important extra feature that can benefit tenants. This can increase the value of an apartment, especially if the other features and amenities are also excellent.

What makes a good security storage cage for an apartment complex

What makes a good security storage cage for an apartment complex?

One can’t just haphazardly install a security cage without careful consideration of some factors. To make these installations more suitable in an apartment setting, consider the following:

1. The number of apartment units and the total number of tenants in the complex

Make sure to consider the maximum occupancy of the apartment complex. At the very least, have at least one dedicated cage for each apartment unit in the building. Also, having cages of varying sizes is an option, all depending on apartment size or rental price.

2. Are the security cages strong enough to withstand brute force attacks?

Theft and vandalism are not unheard of in New South Wales, so security cages need extra reinforcement to make them tough. Some are so flimsily made that the bars securing the locks easily snap off.

Even though security cages aren’t for valuables, it doesn’t hurt to make them as sturdy as possible. Some important considerations here are:

  • The material used – reinforced metals can help
  • Weak points in the cage
  • Hinge durability
  • Security and sturdiness of the locking mechanism

A professional who knows how to work with metals can craft a security storage cage that can withstand brute force attacks. Be sure only to get the services of a professional.

3. Outdoor cages need more care.

Indoor cages are relatively well-protected from both the elements and people. However, outdoor cages are not as secure. For example, outdoor cages are more prone to corrosion due to exposure to the elements. They are also more prone to theft.

As such, make sure to think of all the factors that affect the function and integrity of these cages. Some good points to start are:

  • How exposed are the cages to the natural elements?
  • Are these installed in a visible and well-lit area?
  • Do these cages have features to protect the items inside?

While outdoor cages aren’t as common in apartment complexes, it still pays to consider the factors above when needed.

4.      Privacy

Some tenants would want a bit of privacy in their security cages. For this reason, many apartment complexes have taken steps to give the items more privacy. Attaching hooks or bars inside the cage, for example, allows tenants to put up curtains or covers inside. Do consider these when constructing the security cages.

Have an expert craft your apartment complex security cages

Have an expert craft your apartment complex security cages

Don’t hire just anyone to construct your security cages. Tenants use these to store all kinds of items, after all. Go all out and go for a professional with lots of experience in working with metals. Those in New South Wales will find that Chainwire Fencing Specialist is one of the most trusted fencing companies in Newcastle. Learn more about us or call us on 02 4023 5416 to book an appointment.


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