Pros and Cons of Electronic Gates

Pros and Cons of Electronic Gates

Here’s why you should consider installing electronic gates.

Along with CCTVs, smart locks, and smart doorbells, more and more business owners, as well as homeowners, are also investing in electronic gates. Electronic gates are commonly used for properties that require high security because they allow the owner to have full control of who is allowed to enter the premises. All vehicles entering and leaving the property’s grounds must pass through the electronic gates, allowing security to first check everyone who seeks entrance to the property or who is leaving.

Pros and Cons of Electronic Gates - Electronic gates

How Does an Electronic Gate Operate?

An electronic gate is made up of two components: the actual gates and the gate operator.

The gate is the object that you move to block the entrance or opening to the property. It can be made from different materials, such as chain-link material or iron. Choosing the type of gate material often depends on the fencing of the property so that the overall look will be coherent.

The gate operator is the mechanism that opens and closes the gate. It is powered by electricity and can either employ hydraulics, chains, or gears.

To be effective, electronic gates are paired with CCTV cameras to reduce the risks of tailgating. Security guards can be put in place to further ensure that only authorised personnel are allowed entry in the premises.

Types of Electronic Gates

Types of Electronic Gates

There are three types of commonly used electronic gates. Each type has its own unique mechanism, so choose the one that fits your security and business needs.

Sliding Gate

Sliding gates, also known as rolling gates and V-track gates, employ a chain and pulley system for it to open and close the entryway. It is one of the most commonly used types of electronic gates among a wide range of industries. The gate is mounted on a wheeled platform that slides back and forth across the opening.

One of the main concerns for sliding gates is that the wheels may get stuck and be blocked by stones or debris. Over time, the rollers may also get rusty or may cause friction, making it harder to open and close the gate.

Sliding gates can be controlled by a remote to open and close it. They are usually used in industrial parks and offices near busy streets.

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates can be mistaken as sliding gates because they also slide horizontally. The main difference between sliding gates and cantilever gates is that the latter do not utilise rollers. Instead, cantilever gates slide horizontally through the rails that run along the fence.

Cantilever gates are generally considered more durable and reliable than sliding gates because of the absence of rollers. They are the perfect choice for industrial centres and heavy-duty applications.

Swing Gates

Swing gates work like your average door. It is hinged on one side and swings outward or inward at an angle of 90 degrees maximum to open. Swing gates can be made single leaf or double leaf. The swinging arc of the gate will require added safety measures to ensure that approaching vehicles and pedestrians will not be hit by the gate.

Benefits of Having Electronic Gates

Benefits of Having Electronic Gates

Electronic gates would not be popular and widely used if they did not offer many benefits. The following are the pros of installing electronic gates for your property.

It offers privacy.

Privacy is a crucial matter for all businesses to maintain a competitive edge. With an automatic gate, only employees and authorised persons can enter and leave the premises. You can set up security codes or bar code scanners to screen everyone who seeks entry.

It provides better security.

Because entry to your property is limited, an electronic gate gives you more security and peace of mind. The safety of your employees is important, so you should invest in security measures that will keep them secure and safe.

It is convenient.

With manual gates, your security personnel will need to manually open the gates. This can take their eyes off the people that wish to enter the grounds. With an electronic gate, your security personnel can focus on the people entering and leaving the premises through the gate. Electronic gates can especially be helpful during storms and extreme weather conditions.

It keeps unauthorised vehicles from entering your property.

Some people use the parking area to gain illegal entry to private grounds. With an electronic gate, only those with security codes and ID’s can enter even the parking areas. You reduce the risks of unwanted entry.

It is aesthetically appealing and boosts your company’s morale.

An electronic gate in your company grounds can make your company look more competitive and innovative. It can boost your company’s image, making it the cool place that everyone will want to work at.

The Downsides of Electronic Gates

The Downsides of Electronic Gates

As with all things, electronic gates also have their own set of cons. Here are some downsides to electronic gates that you should be aware of.

It can be more expensive.

Installation, repair, and maintenance of electronic gates can be costlier than traditional, manual gates. The gate and its components can also be pricier compared to their counterparts.

Electronic gates are dependent on electricity.

The operation of electric gates is powered by electricity. Power failures and black-outs can trap everyone inside the property. A standby generator or a solar power system can help you avoid any inconvenience in the case of black-outs.

You will need the help of a professional.

This may not be really a disadvantage, but the installation and maintenance of electronic gates must be done by experienced professionals. Do not leave it at the hands of just anybody, else you might have to pay for a more expensive repair.

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