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When to use sliding security gates

Many home and business owners opt for the modern aesthetics of a sliding security gate for the value and flare they bring to their property. Many of these sliding gates options have better security features than your traditional swing gates for safety and peace of mind. They also operate more smoothly without much trouble.

Slide gates are mounted on the inside of your fence. They use rollers on the bottom mount to support the gate when sliding. These rollers then slide along a track or are suspended as a cantilever. Whether you have these track or cantilever systems, they glide like the wind for smooth transitions. Due to the nature of these mechanisms, however, sliding gates do require more maintenance than traditional swing gates.

When to use sliding security gates - sliding security gate,security gate

When do you use sliding security gates?

Having information about when and where to use sliding gates is a good thing for home and business owners to know. Knowing this information often gives you an idea of the standardised maintenance required from these sliding gates. Here are a few guidelines when you can and cannot use sliding gates:

When there is limited space

Sliding security gates are perfect for gateways that have limited space. Instead of opening the gate inwards as with swing gates, they simply slide to the side. This feature gives you more entry space with no obstructions and clutter. Alternatively, this gives you more area for storage. Either way, sliding gates are a perfect option for small parking spaces and driveways!

When to use sliding security gates - sliding security gate,security gate

When there is NO debris and dust

As mentioned above, some sliding gates run on track systems. These track systems run along the ground. Because of the nature of this system, they can get easily clogged up with dirt and dust. This may seem like a minor issue, but the gate would need serious maintenance and repairs when the dust and debris accumulate. Bigger debris can get in the tracks, which can ruin your gate instantly.

Sliding gates that run on cantilevers are not safe options for these conditions. While they are suspended above the ground, they will still need to slide along the frame of your fences. These are still prone to gather specks of dust, which can potentially ruin your gates.

As the outlined conditions are not suitable for sliding gates, it’s best to pursue other options or consult an expert in the industry for further information.

When it is not winter

Cold conditions make most materials contract. When the metals in your sliding gate contract, they become more susceptible to friction. When there is friction, you need to lubricate it up more often to keep it running; or else, you will have a harder time opening and closing your sliding gate.

Temperature and its effect on your gate are not the only things you should look out for in the winter. Ice and snow can also block your rollers from running smoothly. This matter must be removed as soon as possible to keep your gates working efficiently.

When to use sliding security gates - sliding security gate,security gate

When the terrain is even

Your sliding gates must be on an even area for them to run as smoothly as possible. It is especially true for sliding gates that run on tracks. These tracks that run on the ground must always be kept level, otherwise, the gate itself will naturally either slam shut or stay open. The cantilever system can however solve the problem of having uneven terrain. They run suspended above the ground, the metal tracks where they run can be purposely adjusted making them more suitable for uneven terrain.

When to use sliding security gates - sliding security gate,security gate

Practical uses of sliding security gates

Now that we know when the best time is to use (and not to use) sliding gates, we can use the principles mentioned above in more practical applications. Here are a few examples of location options for sliding gates;

  • For residential entrances who needs more driveway space
  • For office and industrial entrances
  • For commercial and business entrances
  • For entrances to educational facilities
  • For entrances to pools and sports facilities

Maximise your sliding security gates with the best Fencing Specialists

To best enjoy the benefits of sliding security gates, you need to hire a fencing specialist with 15 years of experience in the field. At Chainwire Fencing Specialist, we provide the best gate and fencing security features. This way, you are assured that your sliding gates are running smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today for your enquiries.


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