8 Things You Need To Know Before Installing a Fence

8 Things You Need To Know Before Installing a Fence

From marking boundaries to choosing the right fencing specialist

Building a fence is a big step in securing a property. Fences add to the house’s protection and also boost its curb appeal. It is a functional home improvement that can also beautify the entire property at the same time.

Fences do not just protect the property and everyone inside from potential harm. They also keep children, pets, and seniors from wandering outside into danger. In addition, it gives the household a sense of privacy.

What To Consider Before Fence Installation

What To Consider Before Fence Installation?

Property owners who plan to install a fence may have different reasons why they want to have one. But before they proceed to contact a reliable fence specialist, here are some of the things that are good to know.

1. Establish correct property demarcations.

It will really be a significant inconvenience to remove a newly installed fence and move it somewhere else because the fence was placed beyond the property it was meant to enclose. So before installing a fence, the property lines first must first be defined. Doing so will avoid problems of encroaching into a neighbour’s property.

2. Know the local policies.

Residential fences in NSW generally should not go beyond 1.8 metres tall. Before doing any building work for residential properties, it is also a must to check if it is needed to secure a permit in NSW, and that includes installing a fence. Fences may need approval if they deviate from the guidelines of an exempt development.

It is also a must to check the policies of the local city and the homeowner’s organisation that covers the property’s location. For example, some only allow certain fencing materials, so it is a good idea to check on those.

3. The right fencing material matters.

There are many available fencing materials in the market, and it can be hard to choose which is best for the property. The right material will depend on the use and functionality of the fence and what it needs to protect.

Each type of fencing has a specific use where it can perform best. For instance, while wrought iron fences work well in homes, a chain-link fence is the better choice for animal enclosures, sports court fences, swimming pool enclosures, and parking lots.

Other types of fencing suitable for homes include brick, timber, and picket fencing.         

4. Choose and install the gates at the same time.

Entry into the enclosed property is a must if it is intended to be used. The gate to be installed must match the make and material of the fence. It is best to choose the gate material at simultaneously as the fence.

Property owners can choose between aluminium, timber, and wrought iron gates. To be considered an exempt development, any gates installed should not swing open outwards.

5. Both the fencing and gate need to be childproofed.

Whether the owner wants to keep children in or out of the fenced property, both gates and fences must be childproofed. Children have the uncanny ability to wander anywhere where they are not supposed to go. So keep them within the yard or school, or off sports grounds, swimming pools, and other high-risk areas with the right fence and gate.

The same is true for pets and wild animals. Choose the fencing and gate style that will keep pets safe inside and dangerous animals outside the property.

6. Setting a budget is important.

One of the things that will influence the owner’s fence choice is how much he is willing to spend. For some, it is the ultimate factor in their decision-making process. Therefore, the property owner should set aside a budget so that the fencing installation can go smoothly without any issues.

7. Hire only professionals to install the fencing.

Some are tempted to install their own fences to save money. However, a fencing specialist helps ensure the integrity and security of the fence. Professionals can install the fence correctly and quickly, saving property owners time and money.

Most fencing specialists also offer a warranty on their works, and clients can call on them should there be issues in the newly installed fence. Choose a reliable and trusted fencing specialist who can deliver the job on time and within budget but still provide the highest quality.

8. Check the product guarantee.

Fencing products come with a product guarantee. Check with the fencing specialist or fence provider if they offer a product guarantee and for how many years after the installation.

It is also helpful to check the portfolio of the installer, to ensure that they indeed deliver what they claim they do.

Reasons Why Property Owners Invest in Fencing

Reasons Why Property Owners Invest in Fencing

While there may be multiple reasons why property owners invest in fence installation, here are the common reasons why a fence is a wise investment.

  • It improves safety and security.

A fence helps keep away burglars, vandals, and trespassers from the property. While some may argue that they can still find a way, a fence will definitely make them think twice if it’s worth the effort.

Fencing also helps keep children inside the house or keep away from places where they are at risk. For instance, a toddler wandering unsupervised on a tennis court can be kept at bay with a fence surrounding the playing area. It also keeps flying balls inside the playing court, minimising accidents and injuries.

Fences are also used to keep people away from hazardous areas in the workplace, such as electrical and high-powered equipment.

  • It improves privacy.

Solid fencing can help keep prying and curious eyes away. While this applies more to homes, the need for privacy also applies to industrial properties and schools.

  • It establishes boundaries.

Fences help keep unassuming strangers away from private properties. It also helps maintain peace between neighbours. For instance, a fence will help keep away the dog of one family from wandering into the neighbour’s yard.

Invest in a High-Quality Chain-Link Fence Today.

Invest in a High-Quality Chain-Link Fence Today.

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