The Benefits of Choosing Chainwire Fencing for Your Property

The Benefits of Choosing Chainwire Fencing for Your Property

Reasons to choose chainwire fencing over other types of fencing

Various types of fences serve different purposes. A chain wire fence particularly stands out among other types because of its low maintenance, durability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility.

Chainwire fencing is a protective barrier in schools, wildlife zones, parks, sports complexes, golf courses, commercial properties, and more. Some of its functions include the following:

  • It is ideal for people who need to set up a barrier for farm animals to prevent them from going astray.
  • It serves as a demarcation line between private property and a highway.
  • Homeowners may want to set up an enclosure to ward off pets from the garden or set a boundary to prevent other people’s pets from entering the property.
  • Those with small children will have peace of mind if a chainwire fence secures the perimeter around their homes.
  • Chain-wire fencing gives structure to your property and provides a nice, clean, and open-space look.
The Benefits of Choosing Chainwire Fencing for Your Property

What is a chainwire fence?

A chainwire fence, also known as a chainlink fence, is popular in Australia. It is a woven fence made from galvanised steel or aluminium wires designed like an open-weave mesh. The following are some considerations when choosing the right chainwire fence:

  • Material

A chainwire made of aluminium is cheaper and easier to install, but chainwire fencing made of stainless-steel wire is more durable and can withstand harsh weather.

  • Gauge

The gauge of a chainwire measures the strength of the mesh. A thicker chain wire is equivalent to a lower gauge. Commercial properties utilise a 6, whereas a gauge of 13 is in temporary fencing.

  • Grid size

The grid size of the mesh depends on the purpose for which the chainwire fence will be used. For example, industrial fencing utilises a small mesh, while recreational spaces use medium mesh. Residential fencing, on the other hand, usually utilises a large mesh.

  • Coating

The extra coating of the wires offers resiliency and protection from corrosion. However, it normally adds to the cost.

8 benefits of choosing chainwire fencing for your property

8 benefits of choosing chainwire fencing for your property

So why should you choose chainwire fencing over other types of fencing? Chainwire fencing offers an affordable and long-lasting alternative to your perimeter requirements. In addition, here are some of the benefits to installing chainwire fencing on your property.

1. They are quick and easy to install.

Chainwire specialists attach woven steel wires to steel posts made from galvanised round pipes. Steel posts are anchors that hold the fences together on the ground. This type of structure makes chainwire fencing quick and easy to install.

2. Chainwire fencing is durable and well-structured.

The interlocking wires, which are made of either galvanised steel or aluminium, are hard to break because a thin layer of protective zinc and PVC plastic coat the wires for extra resiliency. A powder coating of baked-on polyester paint provides double protection. These durable and well-structured materials are sturdy, great for high-traffic areas, and can stand against harsh weather. Unlike PVC fencing, which contracts and expands under extreme temperatures causing cracks, moulds, and mildew, you do not usually find moulds and mildew on chainwire fencing. It is easy to repair damaged chain links because only the damaged portion needs replacement.

3. It is economical.

The price of chain link mesh per metre plus installation cost is friendly in the pocket compared to other types of expensive fencing materials. It is economical for people who are on a shoestring budget. Who needs costly fencings like glass, wrought iron, bricks, and modular walls when chainwire fencing offers practical solutions to meet fencing requirements?

Also, chainwire fencing installation typically does not require council approval, which could strain the budget and delay the construction timeline. In addition, unlike the expensive glass fencing, which is not a viable option when kids are around the vicinity, chainwire fencing offers peace of mind when kids are active.

4. It is low maintenance.

The corrosion-resistant wires, coated in vinyl and protective zinc, don’t wear out. Unlike timber fencing, which is susceptible to termites, rot, and premature aging, chain wires do not require maintenance like regular treatment for termites.

Chainwire fencing is also better than metal fencing, which is susceptible to dents and rust in coastal areas. The beautiful ornamental design of a wrought-iron fence exudes a classic look, but it is expensive and requires high maintenance compare to chainwire fencing. A well-installed chain-wire fence by a highly skilled fence specialist does not need routine check-ups.

5. Chainwire fencing provides security.

Choose a reputable fence specialist to provide high-quality steel that will last for many years. The sturdy mesh materials have sharp edges on top to provide adequate security to your property. You may add barbed wire on top of the chain-wire fence to deter intruders from scaling it. Some property owners also install electric wires to ward-off intruders.

6. It offers visibility.

The see-through nature of chainwire fencing allows you to see people attempting to trespass on your property. The privacy and security issues raised in gaps in slat fencing are like chainwire fencing. If privacy is a grave concern, you may request a padded chain wire from your fence specialist.

7. You have colour options.

Chainwire fencing doesn’t have to be boring in colours. While the standard colours are black and silver, why not add specks of fun and excitement by painting the mesh in colourful hues of green, blue, or dark grey? You can match the foliage of your property to give it a perfect look.

The natural appearance of brushwood fencing supposedly blends well with Australian landscapes, but unlike chainwire fencing, it could be attacked by termites and requires high maintenance.

8. Chainwire fencing offers wildlife and local animal protection.

Australia is home to a variety of wildlife and local species. Public places like wildlife parks and zoos must install chainwire fencing as local animals could come into contact with humans who may unknowingly harm them. If you have a livestock or poultry farm, chainwire fencing would allow you to separate local animals from the wild.

Get a free quote from our chainwire specialists in Newcastle now!

Get a free quote from our chainwire specialists in Newcastle now!

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