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What are Powder Coated Aluminium Fences?

A good fence should provide a level of security and a clear boundary line. An even better fence will be able to stand the test of time while remaining attractive enough for your property. Powder coated aluminium fences can combine these benefits to give you a truly durable, sturdy, and well-designed fencing solution.

What are powder coated aluminium fences?

Aluminium is a low-density material, making fences made of it lightweight, durable, and also corrosion-resistant. This type of fencing is used in a variety of applications, especially because they come in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes.

Installing aluminium fencing is a decision many homeowners and property managers make. Aluminium fencing is traditionally seen as decorative because of its beautiful and smooth finish. As an owner or future owner of aluminium fencing, you should consider going one step further. By powder coating an aluminium fence, you can get the most out of your fencing.

At first glance, you would think that coating with powder is useless. Powder isn’t known as a strong or protective material. However, the powder coating used on aluminium fences has a different effect. The powder receives an electrostatic charge and eventually melts to form a continuous film over the aluminium surface.

Ultimately, the powder coating helps the aluminium withstand harsh weather, preventing early peeling, flaking, or crusting.

What are Powder Coated Aluminium Fences? - Aluminium Fences

What are the benefits of powder coated aluminium fences?

Getting powder coated railings for your home is a good investment for the future. Here are just some of the benefits of this type of fencing:

What are Powder Coated Aluminium Fences? - Aluminium Fences


For residential and low security fencing needs, powder coated aluminium fencing is more than enough. It can last for decades. It is an extremely durable option for home or business use, as the powder coating prevents the aluminium from corroding or breaking under the effects of harsh weather and UV ray exposure.

What are Powder Coated Aluminium Fences? - Aluminium Fences

High quality

During pre-treatment and post-production, there are a number of quality control checks done to ensure that your powder-coated aluminium fence will stand the tests of time and weather.


Compared to other types of coated fencing, powder coated aluminium fences are actually more eco-friendly. Little water is wasted during the coating process. Besides, liquid paint coatings also emit volatile organic compounds. Powder coating is the better option because it’s non-toxic and safer.

What are Powder Coated Aluminium Fences? - Aluminium Fences

Variety of styles

Aluminium fences are commonly used to add another point of style at home. They can be a stylish addition to your patio. Other styles are more functional, with the railings used for the elderly or people with disabilities. Because of the powder coating process, this type of fencing can take any colour you want.

What are Powder Coated Aluminium Fences? - Aluminium Fences

No maintenance

Unlike painted fencing, a powder-coated fence does not need maintenance, re-painting, reapplication, or further sealing.

With a powder coated aluminium fence, you can safely limit access to your pool, add protecting to your property, and increase your sense of privacy and security. They can also be used to decorate and enhance apartment complexes and offices.

What makes powder coated aluminium different from other fencing material?

The type of fencing you buy and install should be appropriate for your needs. Here are some considerations about powder coated aluminium fencing.

Aluminium fencing is lighter and easier to install compared to wrought iron fencing. Wrought iron fencing also requires regular maintenance and re-painting, which powder coated aluminium fencing does not need.

Compared to steel fencing, aluminium fencing is cheaper and more suited for low security purposes.

Lastly, wood fencing requires yearly maintenance and is not as durable as powder coated aluminium fencing in different weather conditions.

Get the benefits of powder coated aluminium fencing

Now that you know more about powder coated aluminium fencing, it’s time to put it to the test. Add high quality powder coated aluminium fencing to your property with the help of Chainwire Fencing Specialist. Contact us today!


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