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Why Use a Weldmesh?

The type of fencing you install determines the quality of security that you can expect. A simple fence may not be enough. Weldmesh, or welded mesh panel fencing, is a top of the line security option that gives you the confidence you need.

What is weldmesh?

Welded wire mesh is a form of prefabricated grid or cladding used in different applications. It’s a metal wire screen composed of low carbon steel wire or stainless-steel wire. Many types of coating can be applied for added features such as corrosion resistance. Machines are used to create welded wire mesh to the highest level of precision possible.

Weldmesh specifically refers to a type of barrier fencing where the panels are spot welded at each intersection. It is commonly used for fencing for security purposes in agricultural and industrial properties. Welded wire mesh can also be seen in mines, machine protection, and gardening.

There are different types of welded wire mesh, depending on the use.

Why use a weldmesh?

There are a variety of reasons why wire weldmesh fencing is used by property owners and business owners across Australia.

  • Durability and strength

Before you consider anything else, the main point of fencing is durability. You want your fencing to withstand attempts at vandalisation or breakage.

The wires of welded mesh panels are designed to fit tightly together, creating a tight-fitting and durable barrier. Weldmesh does not bend or cut easily. Weldmesh is strong enough to withstand most applications of force.

Steel security weldmesh has the power to keep intruders out of your property or boundary.


  • Anti-climb design

A lot of fencing types can be coated and made to resist breakage. Most intruders take that as a challenge and climb over the fence instead. This type of strategy will not work with weldmesh.

Weldmesh panels can have narrow wires woven extremely close together, making it difficult to get any sort of grip. Any would-be climbers have to work much harder to get through.

  • Variety of application

Welded wire mesh panels can be installed in different ways for a variety of security applications. This can include creating a perimeter fence or encasing generators and bin stores.

Concrete and steel posts can be used for welded mesh fencing. Steel uprights are commonly used. Other installations include integrating timber slats.

  • Attractive design

The simple metallic appearance of weldmesh fencing makes it an attractive solution for security needs. It can be incorporated into your existing posts and designs. Matching security gates can be installed for access. Access control is not a problem.

  • Good visibility

Unlike other fencing solutions which sacrifice visibility for strength, weldmesh combines the best of both. Because of the precise dimensional control of the machines, weldmesh is made with uniform and accurate spacing between crossed wires.

Most types of welded wire mesh provide clear visibility. This is a benefit in many ways. Roaming security personnel can easily spot threats or suspicious activity. Installed security cameras can also operate with fewer blind spots.

Because of its visibility and its rigid style, weldmesh fencing is also commonly used in sports applications.

Use weldmesh for greater security

Weldmesh fencing is a top choice for boundary security, high security, and some sports fencing needs. Whether you’re managing an industrial or commercial complex, a school, or a storage facility, you’ll find that weldmesh fencing works great for you.

Choose from any number of weldmesh types, from galvanised before or after, vinyl-coated, or stainless steel and other alloys. With Chainwire Fencing Specialist, we can find the best fencing solution for you. Contact us today!


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