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Purposes of Outdoor Handrails

Have you ever experienced the sensation of reaching out for support and stability, only to find nothing? This is a common feeling shared by many homeowners and visitors trying to navigate outdoor steps and walkways. When it comes to various outdoor applications needing support and guidance, outdoor handrails serve many purposes. What are outdoor handrails?…

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Are Your Vines Good for Your Fence - Fencing Specialists

Are Your Vines Good for Your Fence?

Chain link mesh fences are cost-effective and easy to install but they can be pretty dull and plain looking. The easiest way to add a touch of colour to your fence is by growing a vibrant vine. Creepers and climbers not only soften the look of your metal barriers with natural foliage but also protect…

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Benefits of Chainwire Fencing to the Animal Population - Fencing Specialists

Benefits of Chainwire Fencing to the Animal Population

Chainwire fencing is  a popular way of separating a piece of land or property. Aside from the usual benefits of fencing like keeping intruders out, keeping the property safe, and lining out a property, fences can also benefit local animal populations. This is especially true for Australia, as we have a lot of open spaces…

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What are Powder Coated Aluminium Fences - Fencing Specialists

What are Powder Coated Aluminium Fences?

A good fence should provide a level of security and a clear boundary line. An even better fence will be able to stand the test of time while remaining attractive enough for your property. Powder coated aluminium fences can combine these benefits to give you a truly durable, sturdy, and well-designed fencing solution. What are…

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Fence etiquette

Having a fence built on your property can certainly be exciting – so much so that it’s sometimes easy to forget that you are not the only person who will be affected by the fence. With this post, we’d like to use our expertise in working on various fencing job sites to provide you with…

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why use weldmesh - Fencing Specialists

Why Use a Weldmesh?

The type of fencing you install determines the quality of security that you can expect. A simple fence may not be enough. Weldmesh, or welded mesh panel fencing, is a top of the line security option that gives you the confidence you need. What is weldmesh? Welded wire mesh is a form of prefabricated grid…

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Are Temporary Fences a Waste of Time and Money - Fencing Specialists

Are Temporary Fences a Waste of Time and Money?

A temporary fence on a home or building might seem like a waste of time and money if a permanent fence will be erected on the property later on. However, a temporary fence is a requirement on all building sites, whether a private or public property, stipulated in the Australian Standards. If you’re constructing a…

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How Safe Are Electronic Gated Access Points - Fencing Specialists

How Safe Are Electronic Gated Access Points?

The safety of electronic gated access points does not pertain to just a single element. There are plenty of components that make up this product, which have to be combined with other elements to deliver good results and satisfy its purpose. In general, electronic gated access points are designed and manufactured to function in the…

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Importance of Mesh Size in a Chainwire Fence - Fencing Specialists

Importance of Mesh Size in a Chainwire Fence

Chainwire fencing is one of the oldest forms of protective metal fencing. It can serve a number of both domestic and commercial purposes, but only if designed and installed properly. Every detail involved in the design and creation of chainwire fencing needs to be related to its purpose. This is true for the material of…

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Why Modern Schools Still Need Fencing - Fencing Specialists

Why Modern Schools Still Need Fencing

There’s an interesting trend in today’s modern schoolyards. Alongside the playground and modern facilities are large perimeter fences that some might say make the schools look like fortresses. Thousands of schools across Australia, however, have been working closely with state governments and fencing contractors in the installation of school fences. This is part of the…

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