Terminal Posts What are they

Terminal Posts: What are they?

Fences aren’t built on wire mesh alone. Wire mesh needs to be anchored to solid ground, and the foundation of a good chainwire fence is a strong corner. Terminal posts, such as gate posts and fence corners, are essential to the design and build of a fence. They provide structure, as well has hold the…

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How Long Will Your Chainwire Fence Last

How Long Will Your Chainwire Fence Last?

When you have a chainwire fence installed, you want it to serve its function for many years. There’s no point having a fence to protect property or to provide security if it will only deteriorate and fall apart quickly. Fortunately, there are tips and techniques to make sure your chainwire fence lasts for as long…

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Can I Have Fences and Gates Installed on Any Surface

Can I Have Fences and Gates Installed on Any Surface?

The simple answer to this question is yes, you can have fences and gates installed on (almost) any surface. However, the effective installation of fences and gates on different surfaces depends on how good your fencing specialist is, and the quality and sturdiness will also vary. If you are not familiar with the type of soil that…

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Why Does the Diamond Size of Your Chain Wire Mesh Matter

Why Does the Diamond Size of Your Chain Wire Mesh Matter?

Chainwire is an excellent choice when choosing a material to fence your property. It is versatile, creative, and attractive without putting much dent in your budget. Doing your research when thinking of using a chain link fence system can go a long way. Chain link fences come in a variety of types, colours, and sizes….

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chainwire fence characteristics

Characteristics of a Chain-Wire Fence

A chain-wire fence, also known as a chain-link fence, is a woven fence made from galvanised steel wires fashioned into an open-weave mesh. It is one of the most widely used type of fence in Australia. It is inexpensive and easy to install. It is also tough and durable, and provides a good protective fencing…

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School Security Fencing (1)

Important Reasons for School Security Fencing

Keeping Schools and Students Safe Schools are one of the most important institutions in a community – so it’s only right to think about ways of keeping them safe. Communities, countries and the world would benefit immensely from schools which have a good level of security. In the past few years, security fencing has gained…

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When is it time to switch to chainwire fencing

When is it time to switch to chainwire fencing?

Is it your style to scrimp on replacing something that’s failing, but still functioning? While a popular saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix if it”. But this does not – and should not –apply if your security is compromised. Where do you check first, you ask? Check your fence. It is easy to…

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