How to decide what security fencing is best for schools

How to decide what security fencing is best for schools

Thoughts before setting up school security fencing

Schools are among the social institutions that critically need sound security fencing. The education of Australians is vital in the further development of the state and in securing a space in the international economic game. Schools are important pillars of the community. Therefore, the teachers, staff, the visitors, and most importantly, the students, should be protected from factors that can propose a danger.

In addition, schools are equipped with high-end facilities used for learning, such as audio-visual educational tools, laboratory equipment, sports gear, and the like. These are likely targets of theft or robbery, making fencing even more essential.

School vandalism has also been a constant drawback in many educational institutions in New South Wales. Having the school premise fortified with security fencing could deter and most likely prevent damage to public property.

Are you a school owner, manager or administrator looking to upgrade your school’s security? This article lists down many factors to decide what security fencing is best for your type of school.

Consider the aesthetics.

Consider the aesthetics.

Even though the main purpose of security fencing is to guarantee the safety of the property and those within the premise, it is still worth considering how it blends into the overall aesthetics of the establishment. For example, a school should be welcoming to individuals of all ages. As such, the fences should not be intimidating and threatening.

The overall look of a school’s security fencing can also leave a lasting impression on visitors. It expresses the academic entity’s firm intention to prioritise the welfare of those within its boundaries.

In deciding which type of fencing to go for, schools should consider a look that would give a striking impression of protection without compromising the welcoming aura it should rightfully exude.

Look into the objective.

Before installing any kind of security fencing, the school should conduct a risk assessment to determine if the said project is sound and would provide a tremendous advantage over possible risks. It will also help if you identify the current condition of the community surrounding the school. You may have made an assessment previously, but past assessments may no longer be relevant today.

Moreover, knowing the detailed purpose behind building a security fence would make it easier to decide what fencing is best for the property.

While a security fence is meant primarily to dissuade vandals from breaking in and trespassers from going in and out of the school premises, security fencing can also aid in absenteeism in classes. A good and reliable chainwire fencing, for example, can provide wide visibility on who passes through them, when, and how. This can prevent students from leaving school unauthorised.

Determine the budget for the project.

Determine the budget for the project.

The budget intended for the project is a crucial factor in deciding what security fencing is best for a school. A generic design would typically cost less than fencing customised according to the needs of the institution. The price may also be affected by other considerations such as aesthetics, the area to build the fence around, and the location of the school.

A highly durable security fencing made of galvanised steel may be more expensive than other options. However, looking into its ability to last over a long period and withstand factors such as weather and the like, it may prove more efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

Having a budget set for the project can help the school explore its options.

Availability of maintenance service

While a well-made, high-quality security fence requires rare maintenance and repair visits, you must also know who to call for urgent fencing repair. Schools are busy locations, and damages and wear and tear are almost always possible. As such, choosing a fencing specialist and provider that covers after-installation care and service will be valuable.

Identifying access points

Identifying access points

Identifying the academic institution’s entry and exit points is vital when setting up security fencing, whether for pedestrians or automobiles. These access points should be strategically placed to ensure protection and convenience. It is necessary to limit and control pedestrian traffic to avoid untoward incidents. 

It’s best to consult a security fencing professional equipped with experience in Hunter and Newcastle fencing to identify the best location. A fencing specialist would be able to provide recommendations on where these access points could be better situated.

Existing fencing standard requirements

Fencing requirements in Australia deviate from one state or territory to another. But although they differ, a standard requirement is that the make and material comply with the safety standards set by the state or territory’s education department. Other requirements include surveying and testing soil and identifying possible interference to underground utility services such as gas, light, water, and internet lines per state regulations.

Choosing the best fencing specialist in Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast.

Choosing the best fencing specialist in Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast.

Deciding what security fencing is best for an academic institution should not be done by individuals who lack experience in the field. Protecting the entire premise and screening individuals going in and out relies heavily on the type of fencing and its durability and sturdiness. 

Schools require extra care and regard during the planning and building process of the security fence. Therefore, consulting a skilled professional who understands how the institution operates is vital.

Chainwire Fencing Specialist is a fencing company that is more than proficient and highly experienced in assessing client’s unique needs and requirements in setting up security fences. We are committed to using only the highest quality materials with the best workmanship around. We also provide sound recommendations regarding additional features that will benefit your school. With help from Chainwire Fencing Specialist, you can rest assured that every suggestion and decision regarding your school security fencing is made carefully and in accordance with policies set by the NSW government. Call us today on 02 4023 5416 for enquiries.


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