Different Types Of Chainwire Fencing

Different Types Of Chainwire Fencing

What is a chainwire fence?

A chainwire fence is a type of woven fence which is usually made from hot-dip galvanised steel wire.  Hot-dip galvanising is the process of coating iron and steel with a layer of zinc by immersing the metal in a container of molten zinc at extremely high temperatures – around 450°C. 

Galvanised:  Most chain wire mesh uses a 2.5mm diameter standard weight hot-dip galvanised wire. For commercial fencing, the mesh is available in a 3.15mm heavy galvanised wire.  This is also used where climate conditions require a heavier duty, longer life wire, e.g. near coastal areas.

PVC coating: The fence can also include a green or black coloured PVC coating, to protect the galvanised wire.

Stainless steel: Some chainwire fences are made of stainless steel.  These are less common because of the cost. 

(Galvanised mesh is the more affordable option, with PVC covered mesh often costing 30% – 50% more than the galvanised option. Stainless steel is the most expensive option, and therefore not as common.)

Chainwire fencing is also called wire netting, wire-mesh fencing, chain link fencing, or diamond-mesh fencing.  The wires run vertically and are bent into a zig-zag pattern so that each ‘zig’ hooks over the wire immediately on one side, and each ‘zag’ hooks over the wire immediately on the other side.  This forms the diamond pattern seen in this type of fence.

PVC coated chainwire mesh is designed for prolonged life, as the coating provides extra protection over the galvanised wire, against rust and corrosion.  If you live near the coast, the salt in the air will speed up the process of breaking down the zinc coating in galvanised wire, causing it to rust.  When you take into consideration the extra life you get out of the PVC wire, it pays for itself over time.

PVC coated mesh has also been a popular choice with regards to design and aesthetics, as the black mesh looks more attractive and is a lot more transparent – it does not stand out like the galvanised wire does.

Barbed wire fences:  Security fences are often fitted with several strands of barbed wire above the chain wire mesh to discourage anyone climbing over the fence. The barbed wire can be attached either by using taller posts than the chain wire mesh, or by attaching an extending clamp from the posts.

School security fencing: Press Formed Spear Top fencing – as its name suggests, the tops are spear shaped.  It is also known as school security fencing, diplomat type fencing, Brentwood style or just security fencing.  It is becoming more popular as it is harder for intruders to gain access.  Statistics have shown up to 95% decrease in break-ins and vandalism when schools have installed this type of fencing.

Residential fencing: There is a huge range of residential chainwire fencing available, to suit individual needs.

Internal fencing partitions:  Internal chainwire fencing is ideal if you need to separate areas of your workshop; make partitions; or for lockable storage areas.  Internal fences are usually attached to a concrete floor with dyna bolts and, where possible, are attached to the ceiling for added strength.  

Security storage cages: These are lockable storage areas with galvanised chainwire roofs.

Temporary builders’ fencing:  If you are about to have a new house built, or are considering major renovations, you will most likely need a temporary fence around your building site, in order to prevent unauthorised access to the building site, and to protect the public from any danger as a result of building materials or construction work.

Commercial construction site fencing:  There are very strict regulations regarding safety on commercial construction sites, with heavy-duty fencing being a large part of the construction site.

Rural fencing: There is a wide variety of rural fencing available (height, strength, style etc.), depending on the various needs, e.g. the types of animals to keep in/out.

Animal enclosures:  There is a wide range of welded wire mesh and wire netting products available that are used in many different ways to create effective and long lasting enclosures for animals and birds of all sizes.  The black PVC coated mesh provides much better vision for viewing birds/animals in their enclosures.  The PVC coating is also perfect for burying the mesh below the ground to stop animals from digging under the enclosure.  The mesh comes in various sized holes – there are even holes small enough to keep snakes and vermin out!

Sporting areas: Sporting oval/field fencing; tennis court fencing; basketball, netball and hockey court fencing; cricket net construction; golf course screens; go-kart fencing, etc.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of chainwire fencing available, whether in galvanised, or green/ black PVC coated wire.

Whatever your needs, talk to a fencing specialist to find out what type of fence will suit you.

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