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Purposes of Outdoor Handrails

Have you ever experienced the sensation of reaching out for support and stability, only to find nothing? This is a common feeling shared by many homeowners and visitors trying to navigate outdoor steps and walkways. When it comes to various outdoor applications needing support and guidance, outdoor handrails serve many purposes.

What are outdoor handrails?

Handrails are rails designed to provide stability and support. They are commonly used in stairways, and they are typically supported by upright posts or mounted to walls.

While they can serve the same common purpose of safety, outdoor handrails come in different designs and materials. They can be styled to fit the appearance of your home. They can also be configured to match specific installation needs.

What are the purposes of outdoor handrails?

#1: Provide support to kids and elderly

The main purpose of any handrail is to provide support to people who need it, especially kids who need guidance and the elderly who need stability. With outdoor handrails, you don’t have to worry hard about any injurious falls.

Purposes of Outdoor Handrails - Outdoor Handrails

#2: Ensure safety during the winter season

When the snow comes, the biggest danger to you, your children and your family is the risk of slipping in the ice or snow. It’s not an overstatement to say that falling on your head or hip can result to disastrous consequences. Even if you only have two steps to your porch, you’re still vulnerable to the risk of slipping.

An outdoor handrail extending from your stairs to your front door landing can provide that extra support you need.

#3: Add more personality to your home.

Your porch makes the first impression. The details of your porch, the steps, doorway, and landscaping, can give your neighbours and visitors an idea of what kind of property owner you are.

Because outdoor handrails come in a variety of styles and materials, you can definitely get creative with how you design your porch steps. Luckily, outdoor handrails are now so versatile that you can pick one which will suit your house the best.

#4: Support in your deck stairs and pool.

Hosting a barbeque out in your backyard? With so many people coming and going during the party, you want to ensure everyone’s safety.

By adding outdoor handrails to your back deck, you can be confident that you have that extra layer of support for people bringing out drinks, carrying dishes, and moving around.

You can also add outdoor handrails for support in your pool and lakefront steps.

Purposes of Outdoor Handrails - Outdoor Handrails

#5: Guidance in your garden walkway.

Your garden or front yard can become a verified landscaping masterpiece with the right choices in foliage. A lot of people go for a natural and overgrown landscape. However, this style runs the risk of having uneven surfaces ripe for accidents. While the mismatched stone pathways look charming, they can sometimes be a hazard.

A great way to combine your love for natural gardens and safety is to install a simple outdoor handrail. It can be designed to blend in the surroundings.

#6: Support for exterior stairs.

Do you have another flight of stairs outside your home? Without a handrail, going up and down a flight of stairs can be a disaster. Outdoor rails can stand upright on their own, or be mounted to the side of a retention wall.

You especially want to install outdoor handrails to provide support for crooked exterior steps. While these exterior stairs leading to a shed, guest loft, or garden can look charming, they can also be difficult to climb for some people.

Purposes of Outdoor Handrails - Outdoor Handrails

#7: Guidance for your handrail.

If your driveway is curved or steep, walking up and down every day can be a big inconvenience. An outdoor handrail can make the walk safer for you and your family.

Install outdoor handrails for added support and safety

Move around your outdoor property with confidence and support. Install outdoor handrails which fit the mood and theme of your home without any hassle. We offer a variety of outdoor handrail designs and installations. Contact Chainwire Fencing Specialist today!


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