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Importance of Railroad Fencing

Railroads are essential. Rail transport enables people and goods to move from place to place efficiently. Any small problem with railroad tracks can mean enormous costs not only for those who manage the railroad system but also for the public. As such, only professionals are allowed to do rail maintenance. There are even specific regulations imposed over railroad companies to ensure that the public is kept safe around trains.

Why you need a railroad fencing

Why not go the extra mile and install a railroad fence? Here are some reasons why you should consider a railroad fence:

1. Added security measure

On September 18, 2018, a young man died after being hit by a train in Sydney. He was believed to have been spray painting a stationary train carriage when he accidentally stepped back onto the track of an incoming train.

When you think about it, the man should not have been in the area in the first place. It should have been a secured area accessible only to authorised persons. Only train stations should be accessible to the public to alight to and from trains. Yet instances like that continue to occur.

This is one of the reasons why railroad fencing is vital so that we may avoid unnecessary danger and accidents.

Importance of Railroad Fencing - railroad fencing

2. Ease in access for emergency situations

There are problems in transportation that cannot be prevented.

On April 4, 2016, a Pacific National freight train caught on fire due to technical complications involving the oil tank and the hot engine components. Normal operations of the train could not continue, and trains travelling in the opposite direction could not pass. Passengers had to evacuate the train and be moved to safety. In situations like this, especially involving rural areas where fauna is lush and can easily catch fire, railroad fencing is essential as to avoid the spread of fire and protect passengers once they leave the train.

Whether it is an issue with the tracks, or a situation requiring the release of passengers for their safety, having a railroad fence is necessary to provide commuters with direction as to where they needed to go and where they have to proceed should an emergency situation arise. This avoids any major accident to happen and allows for the people to safely disperse from the situation as soon as possible.

3. Facilitates pedestrians crossing the tracks safely

If a train track needs to be crossed by pedestrians, having a good and stable fence that ensures people cross only where they should and do not wander onto the tracks is helpful. Injuries and even deaths can occur when pedestrians need to cross a track and are not given a safe path to do so, one that has proper fencing.

Good fencing provides sufficient warning for all types of pedestrians and protect railroad companies from possible liability for lack of adequate warning signs in case of accidents.

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