Types of Fencing Brackets

Types of Fencing Brackets

Fencing is an integral part of a real estate property, being a boundary marker and a security structure. It encloses an area and controls access within the property. One can’t simply go without fencing and have peace of mind that the property is protected from intruders.

Whilst the fencing’s durability, longevity, and beauty lie on its material, did you know that its structural integrity depends mainly on small things? These little things hold all the large and heavy parts of the fencing system together. These small details keep the posts, rails, pickets or chain link mesh, and other parts stand connected. These small yet significant objects are known as fencing brackets.

Different Types, Different Functions

Different Types, Different Functions

Fencings are composed of various parts held together by brackets. These brackets come in different forms, each one serving a specific purpose of connecting and holding the fence panels between pillars and posts. Brackets also work alongside other functional fittings for the fence such as braces, hinges, and clamps.

If you want to learn more about putting up a fence within your property, it is a great idea to familiarise yourself with different types of fencing brackets:

  • U Bracket

This U-shaped bracket holds the fence panel firmly in place.

  • Z Bracket

It is used to attach fence rail to steel posts.

  • Wall or Post Bracket for Wire Panel

This small bracket fixes wire panels to a post or wall securely in place.

  • Wall Bracket for Bar Fence

Angled at 90 degrees, this bracket is used to mount a bar fence to a wall.

  • Stationary Wall Mount Bracket

This bracket is used to attach fence sections with a wall, post, or any other flat surface.

  • Wall Bracket

This wall bracket fixes a mobile fence or post straight onto a wall.

  • Angle Fence Bracket

This adjustable bracket allows for installation of fence panels at angles other than 90 degrees or 180 degrees. There are also fence bracket adaptors that allow various angle adjustments from left to right.

  • Corner Fence Rail Bracket

It is used to fix corner fence rail on steel posts.

  • Corner Connection Bracket

It grips around the vertical wires of two wire mesh panels and connects them at an angle.

  • End Bracket

Depending on the type of end bracket, this is used to attach the railing to a post or a brick pillar, wall, side of the house or building, and other surfaces.

  • Tension Rod Bracket

This is a fitting used to secure the tension rod which holds the ends of chain link or wire mesh panels to terminal posts.

  • Saddle Bracket

This is like the winged version of U bracket; it is used to attach and support fence rails to poles or posts firmly in place.

  • Short Fencing Bracket

This is used to mount a bar or wire mesh panel on a post.

  • Round Rail Fence Bracket

This fence bracket is designed to hug around the wooden post so the rail can rest securely on it.

Fencing brackets come in swivel and fix types. Fix types are easily used for metal, timber, or brick installations. The horizontal and vertical swivel types are designed for the fence to follow the horizontal angle and the vertical sloping of the property, respectively.

Why Use Fencing Brackets

Why Use Fencing Brackets?

Sure, some DIYers have put up a fence with nothing more than nails to hold everything together. But it has its limitations; obviously, this can only be done with timber or any wooden fence materials. This style is also not advisable for enclosures with animals, as it can collapse easily with brute force.

But going the extra mile with nail brackets lends some benefits that just nails cannot achieve:

Reinforces the fence

Reinforces the fence

Made from sturdy materials, fencing brackets are especially created to support the big and heavy elements of the fence. They provide the whole fencing system with unbeatable stability, keeping it standing secure, firm, and in proper form.

Prevents sagging

Prevents sagging

There are various reasons for sagging fences. It could be due to shifting ground brought on by erosion or weather changes as time goes by. It could also be due to rotting wood. But more often, sagging fence happens due to lack of support. Because of poor support, the fence can shift or leans to one side. If left unfixed, the fence may get damaged further and may even collapse. But with proper fence fittings like brackets to rigidly hold everything together, sagging fences can be avoided.

Lasts for a long time

Lasts for a long time

Fencing brackets are made from durable materials to not only provide structural support but also will last for a long time. Most brackets come in steel (or pressed steel/Galvabond) and aluminium, which are both rust-proof. These may be finished off with powder coating for an enhanced visual aesthetic and weather resistance. Brackets may also come in iron and other custom materials.

Clean, tapered, beautiful finish

Clean, tapered, beautiful finish

How do you join two rounded rails seamlessly? It can be a bit tricky to do this just by driving a nail or screw into the rails. But this can be easily done with fencing brackets with smooth results. Fencing brackets sit tight and snug around the rails, posts, wire or mesh and other components. You get a clean and compact finish for a great looking fence.

Frame Your Property with Effective Fencing in Newcastle and Hunter

Frame Your Property with Effective Fencing in Newcastle and Hunter

Fencing marks, the perimeter of your property; it also provides security and also lends beauty and character. It is only right to give your property the fencing solution that it deserves! And it all starts with contacting the best team to do the job.

Chainwire Fencing Specialist has been providing top-notch fencing services in Newcastle and other areas within NSW for years. We have provided different fencing services to our clients who are now our industry partners. We take pride in our superior workmanship, professionalism, and qualifications. Our team uses only the best materials that we would also use for our own properties!

For all your fencing applications, be it residential, industrial, rural and others, contact Chainwire Fencing Specialist today. We will be happy to handle your queries and provide free estimates for your fencing project.


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